Food In The News: Lion Meat, Happy Meals and Mario Batali


Gross! Arizona Restaurant Tries To Sell Lion Meat Burger – Animal lovers beware. A small Arizona restaurant announced plans to offer lion burgers this week as part of a World Cup promotion. Then things went haywire, the worst consequence being a bomb threat. Check out this news story if you have a tough stomach.

Of Course Kids Think Cartoon-Packaged Food Tastes Better – Forty children conducted a taste test of fruit snacks, graham crackers and baby carrots. One piece of food came from a plain package, and the other came from a similar package that had a cartoon character on the front. Even though both packages contaiend the same snack bran, the children thought the food with the cartoon packages tasted better.

They’re Not Loving It! McDonald’s Faces Happy Meal Lawsuit – The Center for Science in the Public Interest said that the McDonalds plastic promotions of the new “Shrek” movie tempt children into McDonald’s restaurant, where the kids will probably order food that is high in calories, fat and salt. The organization wants to sue McDonalds if the toys are not removed.

New Taste For Goldfish – Those popular Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers have a new sweet taste. Dubbed Goldfish Grams, these crackers/cookies come in five new varieties: Vanilla, Cinnamon, S’mores Adventures, Chocolate and Honey. Check out the taste test over at Serious Eats.

Mario Batali and his New Cookbook – Mario Batali spoke to the Chicago Tribune about his new cookbook “Molto Gusto,” which emphasizes vegetables. He’s starting to eat better, and the cookbook reflects that lifestyle switch. The book features many pizza, pasta, antipasti, salads and gelato recipes.

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  • Roger OBrian

    Organic vs Non-Organic Food

    Over the past two decades the world has become increasingly health and environmentally conscious. The world of social activism is no longer confined to protest marches and leaflet campaigns. Today, consumers realize that they have the power to evoke change by voting with the most important tool at their disposal, their wallets. Today, it is a well known fact that if you want a cleaner environment and healthier food you should choose organic products.

    What makes food organic? In strictly scientific terms, organic substances contain carbon, the building block of life. By this definition, everything that we eat is technically organic. However, agricultural parlance has changed the definition of organic when it relates to food and other consumables. Inorganic food encompasses everything that organic food is not.

    Organic food must be free from all synthetic chemicals.
    This starts at the ground level when a farmer prepares his field. He cannot use any petroleum-based fertilizer or chemically altered material in his soil. Manure and compost are acceptable natural products; Miracle Gro is not.

    Chemicals are also not allowed for pest or disease control. A farmer can treat his crops with insecticidal soap or neem oil, but cannot use store-bought sprays unless they are certified organic.

    Organic food cannot be genetically altered in any way.
    Traditionally, changes to plants and livestock were accomplished through selective breeding techniques and hand pollination. These techniques are still certified organic.
    Genetically modified food, or GM food, has been tampered with at the genetic level. Sometimes varieties of plants have been cross-bred to create hardier or tastier strains. GM seeds can be drought resistant or have higher yields. Purists feel GM technology tampers with the work of Mother Nature and is therefore inorganic.
    Organic food cannot come in contact with inorganic food.

    In order to ensure that pesticides or other chemical treatments don’t rub off on organic produce, it must be packaged and shipped separately from conventionally farmed food.

    Proponents of organic food say that the products are healthier than conventional produce. Fewer chemicals mean fewer carcinogens. They also say that the food just tastes better. At the same time, organic soil may still produce run-off, but it isn’t toxic run-off that will permanently damage the water table. Animals that are fed exclusively on organic products, such as free-range chickens or grass-fed beef are generally believed to be treated more humanely, though this isn’t always the case.

    1. Organic and inorganic foods are differentiated by their farming processes, not their chemical makeup.
    2. Organic food is chemical free, GM free, and free from contact with inorganic food while inorganic food is anything that doesn’t meet those strict guidelines.
    3. Many consumers believe that organic food is healthier, tastes better, and is better for the environment than inorganic food.

    I’ve dedicated my life to what I believe in and what I love which is health and being healthy.
    You can follow the link to visit my store or also my facebook fanpage. You can add information to my facebook fan page, take information to bring back to blogs like this so we can all educate people better and start to make a difference even if it’s a small change.

    Thanks and I hope to post more info like this here!

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