What Do You Know About Chuck Hughes?


A new name is popping up in the food world and that name is Chuck Hughes.  Not only does he run and cook for Montreal’s Garde Manger restaurant, but he has a new series on the Cooking Channel called “Chuck’s Day Off.” We don’t know what you know about Chuck Hughes, but we know a lot.  Six things to be exact!

Here’s what we learned about Chuck from chatting on the phone with him:

1. He’s not afraid of unhealthy foods. His favorite go-to dish is fried cheese with avocado, tomato, and cucumber on top.  He also loves any dish with bacon.  He loves bacon so much, in fact, that he has it tattooed on his arm!

2. He can fight fires…kinda. One morning, before shooting began on an episode of “Chuck’s Day Off,” Chuck and his crew started to smell smoke.  It turned out that there was a fire on the second floor of the building, directly above his restaurant! The fire caused some water damage in the restaurant, but Chuck decided that they should shoot anyways. They managed to turn the disaster into a full episode; the firemen were guests in his restaurant that day, and dined on oysters and a roast encased in salt.

3. He shares a kitchen with his mom. On the opening day of his restaurant, Chuck’s mother volunteered to step into the kitchen and make a pecan pie for his aunt’s birthday.  Many of the guests enjoyed the pie so much that upon returning to the restaurant, they asked whether she would be making the desserts every day.  Due to popular demand, Chuck decided that his mother would become a permanent fixture in the restaurant and she became the pastry chef from then on.  Chucks says he enjoys working with his mother and, now that he’s older, “sometimes I’m actually right!”

Find out the other 3 things we know about him by reading the full article here!

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