The Beginning of Summer


The beginning of summer has officially hit! Monday marked the the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. Summer is my favorite season because of the hot weather and scorching sun. I need my tan! Summer is also an interesting cooking season.

There are fresh fruits, like peaches, plums and all types of berries. Delicious vegetables include corn, cucumbers, beans and tomatoes. Since it’s so hot in the summer, it’s also prime-time grilling season, with burgers, dogs and brats. To make things a little easier this summer, we’ve added a whole bunch of summer recipe collections. Check them out after the jump!


15 Mouth-Watering Summer Pies - The smell of a freshly baked pie crust filled with your favorite fruit is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. Take advantage of all the fresh summer fruit and start baking a juice pie today!


Spice Up Your Taste Buds with These Spicy Summer Foods! – Summer means hot sun – and hot food! Did you know that eating spicy food causes endorphins to be released into the brain? Rev up your taste buds with these savory, spicy summertime dishes.

vegetarian soup in slow cooker

12 Super Summer Crockpot Recipes – The last thing you want to do on a warm summer day is spend hours cooking on a hot stove. Follow these great “set and forget” recipes and you’ll barely spend any time in the kitchen!

The Best Grilling Recipes Countdown
– Whether you enjoy making pork chops, shish kabobs, or plain old hot dogs, there’s something for everyone in our great grilling countdown.

Find more great summer recipe collections here!

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