Room Service at the Hilton


Last week, my friend was visiting from out of town and we decided that we needed a mini road trip.  As Milwaukee, WI is only about 2 hours away, we chose it as our destination.  We Pricelined a hotel in the area and were lucky enough to be placed at the Hilton!  We decided that, as we were going to be living in luxury for a night, that we needed to spoil ourselves.  The best way to do that?  Room service! 

After a look at the Hilton room service menu, we realized that things weren’t too expensive at all.  Apart from the $9.00 artichoke dip (wha??), the prices were surprisingly reasonable.  We both decided that the Miller Pub burger sounded too good to pass up, and at $9.00, it was definitely affordable.  So we phoned the desk and placed our order.

After a short wait, our burgers arrived.  They were glorious.  Here is my friend, Vicki, displaying the goods:


These splendid burgers were made with fresh local beef and aged Wisconsin cheddar (the very best!)  They were topped with applewood bacon, grilled onions, a special sauce, and had a healthy handful of potato wedges on the side.  Amazing.  The size of the burger was not mentioned on the menu and I’m not a great estimator but, if asked, I would describe it as “gigantic.” 

And, of course, they included some mini bottles of ketchup, mustard, and mayo, all of which I took home with me…c’mon- who doesn’t get hotel kleptomania every once in a while?

I asked for my burger to be cooked medium rare and it was definitely rare.  I didn’t mind, though.  It was very juicy, very flavorful, and very filling. 

Five minutes later, this is all that was left:


Don’t worry- I ate the fries.  I just needed to take a half an hour break before doing so! 

As this was my first room service experience EVER, I definitely enjoyed it.  The food was amazing, and there’s nothing better than eating a giant burger in bed while watching trashy TV!

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  • Tony

    That food look sooooo good!

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