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Since my Chew on That partner-in-crime Kathryn won’t be blogging this week, I’ll be adding a little something to her spectacular cocktail hour. It’s all about the big-time alcohol known as Maker’s Mark.

Yesterday, my friend John told me a little something about his favorite brand of alcohol. Maker’s Mark which has consistently stayed with the same bottle and awesome red wax seal for years, has released a new version of its popular drink called Maker’s 46. This is huge news since the Maker’s Mark Distillery has only come out with one product (the traditional one) in the last 50 years.

The main difference between the original Maker’s and this new concoction is in the aging method in the last few weeks, which ends up giving the whiskey a special taste.

According to Slash/Food:

“What sets it apart is the influence of French oak that has been seasoned for 18 months in northern France. The regular Maker’s Mark spends additional time in contact with this seared French oak to bring out more toasted oak aroma and to give a stronger backbone of flavor.”

via Slash/Food

Other differences include the proof, which has been raised from 90 to 94, and the price. This fancy bottle costs $10 more than the traditional Maker’s Mark.

Naturally, we have to wonder why Maker’s Mark decided to make this change. It might be because as the years go on, people want to see improvements. They want to see innovations. Especially in this economy, a little variety helps the brand. Kathryn mentioned that Bacardi came out with its new Torched Cherry flavor. This is a similar idea.

So, what makes Maker’s Mark so special to my friend John? Maker’s Mark is a “wheater,” a type of bourbon made with corn, barley and wheat, as opposed to corn, barley and rye. Instead of the harsh taste you might find with a bourbon made with rye, wheat gives Maker’s Mark a smoother, kind of like caramel-like taste. I’m not your average bourbon drinker. I barely drink it, but Maker’s Mark is definitely one of my favorites. My reflex is usually to cringe after a sip of any other bourbon whiskey.

That’s not to say that Maker’s Mark isn’t strong. The 90-proof drink isnt something I’d have on a normal basis. Last time I drank was back in April for John’s birthday. Since this liquor is pretty expensive, I won’t ask Kathryn to try it for her next cocktail hour. But if you are curious, and want some whiskey cocktails, try these:

Southern Comfort Punch

Hot Toddy

Adult Life Saving Drench Punch

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  • Stella

    Interesting. I really love Kentucky Bourbon and Whiskey, so the information here is quite appreciated. I also like companies that try to stick to their formulas through thick and thin, and it kind of looks like Maker’s Mark has done that…
    p.s. I love that initial cringe from drinking a strong alcohol (smile)!

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