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The other day, I read about a website called  It basically allows you to register the fruit from your yard online and share it with local people.  You can also register as a fruit-seeker and search for fruit on the website.  On top of that, public fruit trees are registered on the site, so you can find a park in your neighborhood that has an apple tree, for example, and pick to your heart’s delight.

I think this is a fabulous idea.  Many people don’t have a local farmer’s market to go to, so this is a great way to get fresh, local fruit while also building a sense of community. It’s also perfect for people who end up wasting many of the fruits (literally!) of their labor because they’re producing too much of them to eat.  By registering on the site and sharing with their neighbors, they can ensure that their fruit and veggies aren’t going to waste.

Neighborhood Fruit appears to be a relatively new idea.  They have over 10,000 registered fruit trees at the moment, but I didn’t find many in my area.  They seem to be growing rapidly, however, and the more people that join, the better it will get!


Sign up for free to share your fruit or search for fruit.  Eating locally is the way of the future, so eating neighborhood-ly (yep, that’s now a word) is even further ahead of its time!  They even have an iPhone app for fruit-finding!

Here are some great recipes from Recipe4Living that you can make once you’ve loaded up on fruit!
Fresh Peach Pie
Blueberry Pudding
Raspberry Banana Pancakes
Pear-Apple Jam

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