Amusement Park Pig-out!


I spent this past weekend at Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio and was constantly being tempted by yummy amusement park treats.  I drooled whenever I smelled a funnel cake, sighed at the sight of salty giant pretzels, and gazed longingly at nachos with tubs of gooey cheese.  After managing to avoid eating a single snack (partly because I was trying to be healthy and partly because I can’t bear paying $8 for a hunk of fried dough), I went to Recipe4Living to see if there were any carnival food recipes I could try at home.

Luckily for me, there were plenty!  Here are my top 5 faves:

1. My absolute favorite carnival/amusement park snack is a giant pretzel!  I always prefer salty snacks over sweet, so a huge doughy pretzel with loads of chunky salt all over it can make my day (even if it probably has enough sodium for 5 people).  I found a great giant pretzel recipe on Recipe4Living that uses bread mix in the recipe.


2. I loooove the fake plasticky nacho cheese that you get at amusement parks, but besides melting Velveeta, I don’t think there’s a way to copy it exactly.  Instead, I found a yummy 3 cheese nacho dip to make.

3. Elephant ears are the ultimate amusement park pastry.  I haven’t actually had one since I was very young, but I remember them being about the size of my head!  Recipe4Living had a  simple recipe for this cinnamon and sugar treat.

4. Hot dogs are definitely delicious, but corn dogs scream “amusement park.”  I never really pictured anyone making these at home, but why not?  With just a few ingredients, you can fry up your own in no time with this recipe.

5. I have never actually had a candy apple in my life.  Caramel apple, yes, but never a candy apple.  Recipe4Living had a healthy diabetic-friendly candy apple recipe that I’d definitely like to try.


Now, I am definitely not endorsing eating all of these snacks on a regular basis.  You’d gain about 1000 pounds.  BUT there’s nothing wrong with a treat every once in a while, and why not bring the fun of a carnival into your own home now and again?  “Make giant pretzels” is now at the top of my list of things to do!

Do you have an amusement park recipe to share?  Submit it here!

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