Interview with the Cooking Channel’s Aida Mollenkamp!


Check out our interview with Aida Mollenkamp, star of the Food Network program “Ask Aida” and now a new Cooking Channel series “FoodCrafters!“  She spills about her most hated food, her time overseas, her new show, and more!  

Here’s a snippet of our interview with Aida:

You have spent some time in France and Italy.  How did your time overseas influence your cooking style?
The Italians and French seamlessly integrate food into their and I learned to do the same. Here we label specific people as food lovers but there everyone is because food is a sort of social and cultural glue.  I learned to have little food moments throughout the day from a great cup of coffee to one impossibly perfect piece of chocolate.

What, in your opinion, is the most versatile food?

That’s a hard one. It’s a toss-up for me between eggs, tomatoes, and potatoes. In fact, just combining all three of them can make for endless combinations from a scramble or a strata to a frittata or a pasta!

Is there any food that you just can’t stand?
Oh, definitely cotton candy. To me, the texture of a food is just as important as flavor and the texture of cotton candy simply makes me cringe.

Tell us a bit about “FoodCrafters,” your new show.
FoodCrafters is basically my dream show as I get to travel the nation in search of intriguing artisanal ingredients. We highlight the product and tell the back story of the artisan. They are a very passionate, talented bunch of people and I’m very excited to share these products with our viewers and to help champion these excellent products.

To learn more about Aida, her advice to new cooks, her olive oil cake disaster, and her go-to weeknight meal, read the full interview here!

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  • Katie

    Great interview! I want to go whip up something egg, potato and tomatoey!

  • Marsha Cade

    Great job Aida! We love your new FoodCrafters show and how it supports local food artisans, tells their stories and showcases their awesome artisan foods. We do that as well through our online artisan food marketplace, ( Farmers and other local producers are the heart of America and a boon to our communities. We wish Aida, The Cooking Channel and FoodCrafters much success. There are so many great food artisans our there.

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