Cat Cora: My Favorite Celebrity Chef


She takes a shot of ouzo with her cooking team every time she completes her 5 dishes on Iron Chef America. She recently opened up a Greek restaurant called Kouzzina in Disney World, which I can’t wait to try the next time I’m down there. Cat Cora a pioneer on the Food Network. She is the the first and only female Iron Chef on Iron Chef America, and my personal favorite. But why do I like her so much?

1. The Food – Her cooking styles goes back to her roots. She has a distinct southern style mixed in with her Greek background.

According to her bio on Food Network, “At the Cora house, it was common to eat spices from the South, as well as fresh sheep and goat cheeses and home-cured olives sent by relatives from the island of Skopelos.”

Via Food Network

2.  Swag – Cora is as confident as can be on Iron Chef America. Even though she is the only woman, you rarely see her startled or nervous. She is one strong woman! When she goes for soemthing, she takes it all the way and has had some pretty phenomenal results. Plus the fact that she can take a shot of ouzo after every completion is awesome.

3.  Multi-Dimensional – Not only is Cora an executive chef with fans world-wide, she is also a TV personality, a restaurant owner, a philanthropist and a mother. She is an out lesbian, and her and her partner were actually pregnant at the same time!

4. Philanthropy –  Cora cares about the world. She is president and founder of Chefs for Humanity, which was founded in 2004 in response to that year’s tsunami disaster. The non-profit brings the culinary community together to raise funds and provide resources for emergency, educational and hunger-related causes.

5. Greek – Is this a good reason? Probably not. But I feel a sense of pride when I see a fellow Greek American succeed as much as Cora has. She’s a phenomenal cook, and the best of what Greek cooking is. She puts her own spin on conventional dishes, and that’s exactly what I love!

Here are some fabulous Greek dishes that would make Cat Cora proud:

Greek Roasted Chicken & Potatoes

Greek Spanakopita
Oven Roast Greek Potatoes

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  • Donna

    I agree – Chef Cora is fabulous! Her food is so do-able, too. A great role model for foodies!

  • hursh4ever

    She has blond hair blue eyes… if she was fat with dark hair or real old, she wouldn’t be appealing

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