The Worst Drink in America!


Am I only the only person who wasn’t aware of the Men’s Health article The Worst Drinks in America?  Who doesn’t find some sort of pleasure in  reading about the terrifying, horrific, obscene nutritional facts behind everyday food items.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely had my fair share of milkshakes, soda pop, smoothies and other sugary beverages.So of course once I saw the title, I was hooked.  I was excited to see that the article noted the fat, calorie and sugar content of each drink.   Some of the drinks that topped the list didn’t shock me.  I am pretty sure I could have guessed that a Baskin-Robbin’s float would be pretty bad for you. I was, however, surprised that the brand Naked – known for its healthy concoctions made the list with their banana chocolate smoothie, which has 480 calories and 70 grams of sugar. Lesson learned: don’t let pretty pictures and good advertising turn your head away from the nutritional facts printed on the back of the bottle.

Would you ever think that a “reduced-calorie” version of a smoothie, like Dunkin’ Donuts reduced-calorie berry smoothie, would make the list.  Well, it did at 490 calories, 4 grams of fat,  97 carbs and 83 grams of sugar.  Now, to be fair, it’s definitely reduced calorie when compared to the Sonic Route Large Lemon-Berry Cream Slush coming in at 630 calories and 99 gram grams of sugar.

Since I am writing about the worst drink in America, I should probably tell you what it is!  Drum roll, please…Cold Stone Creamery’s PB&C shake (Gotta Have It size – the largest).  This shake has 2,010 calories – alm0st an entire day’s worth for some people.  In that Gotta Have It-sized cup, they pack it with 131 grams of fat (68 of which are saturated) and 153 grams of sugar.

As much as I love the reaction I get from reading these types of articles, I am of the belief that sometimes it’s better not to know. We aren’t going to live our lives without eating Cold Stone every once in a while or grabbing a Sonic slush.  We need to be educated about what we are putting into our bodies, but we don’t want to fall into the trap where we are afraid to eat anything that might fall into the “unhealthy” category.

The message I took away from this article is that bigger isn’t better.  Most, if not all, of the drinks were the largest size offered by the restaurant.  Nobody really needs 32 ounces of slushy. Yeah, it tastes good, but we can get the same amount of pleasure consuming a small or medium sized slushy instead.  So next time you head over to Cold Stone, just “Love It.”

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  • Janette

    I was getting a large Lemon-Berry Slushy from Sonic several times a week (easy when they have their “Happy Hour” when their drinks are 50% off) because I fell in love the stuff…until I found out that my treat was over 400 calories! Eek. Now I limit myself to 2 small ones a week, if I really want one, or 1 large one once in a great while.

    But you’re right…can’t live life afraid of eating anything that might fall into the “unhealthy” category…all things in moderation, right?

  • AllisonEvans

    I know, the same thing happened to me with Jamba Juice! When I find something I like, I go full steam ahead, until I glimpsed the nutrition facts. But you’re definitely right, I won’t give up my treats! They get me through the day!

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