Interview with The Cooking Channel’s Roger Mooking!


Last week when we blogged about the brand new Cooking Channel, we mentioned that you should keep an eye out for interviews with some of the star chefs.  Well, here’s our first one!  Roger Mooking, star of the Cooking Channel series “Everyday Exotic,” was nice enough to take some time to share a bit about himself and his new program. Read more to learn about his biggest cooking disaster, his favorite music to cook by, and the much more!

Here’s a snippet of our interview with Roger:

How would you describe your cooking style?
Dynamic.  After many years of learning various cooking techniques I have realized that there is no one way to do anything.  So my cooking style is constantly evolving. The beauty of cooking is no matter how accomplished you become, there is always something to learn in the most humble of places.  It is always a reality check.

You are a musician as well as a chef.  What is your favorite music to listen to while you cook?
Usually, it is the best time for me to work through song ideas.  Chopping and cooking is such a part of my body that I just go into auto pilot and enter a new state of mind.  It is very much like a meditation.  So the songs I end up recording are often started while I’m in the kitchen cooking something.  And if I’m not writing a new song, then I put my music on shuffle and it is a broad mix between Sade, The Roots, Paul Simon, Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Duran Duran, Nora Jones, Biggie, Ray Charles, Justin Nozuka, Gangstarr, and some kids’ music that my daughters always manage to sneak into the mix.

What was your biggest cooking disaster?
Working in a busy restaurant when the basement kitchen flooded and we had to finish service while scooping buckets of water and with rolled up pants.  The diners didn’t know – so the cooking wasn’t actually a disaster but the experience was.

Tell us a bit about your show, “Everyday Exotic.”
I like to think that my show inspires people to break out of a rut.  We all want to be in a relationship where every day is like the first date.  We should be having a first date with our food every meal as well.

I focus on one “Obedient Ingredient” every episode and teach you how to shop for it, what to look for, where you can possibly find it, how to store it and then bring it back to my kitchen to cook it several different ways using everyday staple meals as the basis.  So I will make 5 Spice Lamb Burgers, Cilantro Meatloaf, or Curry Macaroni and Cheese.

To learn more about Roger, his advice to cooks, his music, and his experience cooking with pig tails, read the full interview here! You can also find some of his original recipes on Recipe4Living!

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  • Anthony C.

    Cooking Channel 10:30 am to 11:00 am June 5th, 2010 DirecTv. During the tasting of the papaya sauce Roger left the spoon on a cup with other silver and a wooden spatula. Later on in the video he took the same spoon from the same cup to taste another sample of a dish he was cooking! May be the film editor should cut that part out so that it would be a better marketing and hygenic video!!!

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