Cocktail Hour: New Bacardi Torched Cherry!


This week, Cocktail Hour is going to be a little bit different.  I didn’t make a cocktail this week (mainly due to pure exhaustion and lack of alcohol), but instead I did some research about a drink I’ve been hearing a lot about lately: the new Bacardi Torched Cherry rum.  

The Bacardi Torched Cherry flavor launched this spring and Bacardi is calling it “the first of its kind.” What makes it so unique?  This rum actually contains aloe, making it the first aloe-infused spirit. Now, when I think of aloe, I think of the gel I rub on my sunburns.  But, apparently, Bacardi has taken the plant, torched it, and created a very interesting mixture of flavors.

I have not tasted this rum yet, so I looked around for people who had.  NeuFutur Magazine had a great description of the rum, stating, “Whether it is the torched aloe or the natural flavor of the rum, what comes forth as an aftertaste is something woody and slightly biting, closing off the flavor with something exciting.  The nuanced flavor of the Bacardi Torched Cherry is so intricate, in fact, that having it in a mixed drink or on the rocks will provide a wholly different experience.”

The Intoxicologist stated that when they tasted the drink neat, it was, “a little disappointing.  The flavor continues cherry in the finish, but flattens rather than having a lush resonating factor.  In my opinion Bacardi Torched Cherry is definitely meant for cocktail mixer rather than sipping independently.”

The Bacardi website suggests some very simple recipes to make with this rum.  It encourages you to mix the Torched Cherry with coke, lemonade, sprite, iced tea, root beer, cranberry juice, and more.  If I were to come up with a cocktail to put it in, I’d probably add it to Coke, ice, and maybe a little grenadine to make a blended drink- a cherry Coke slushee, if you will!

I’m definitely excited to try this new flavor out and I’d love to hear from people who have already tried it.  Drop me a comment if you’ve tasted it!

Here are some rum cocktails you might enjoy:
Pom Pom Planter’s Punch
Zingy Red Punch
Super Mai Tai
Blithe-Spirited Grog
Caribbean Rum Punch

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  • RumShopRyan

    I have a bottle of it and love it. I’m actually trying to find an interesting drink recipe for it to post on my blog.

    It has a very strong flavor to it. You will be surprised when taking your first sip.

    Thanks for the detailed info about how they made it.


  • Rum Lover

    Just bought a bottle after hearing it talked about on my favorite radio show. I had to go to 5 different liquor stores before I found it and when I finally did, I went to the register cradling the bottle like a baby.

    My husband and I combined it with Diet Canada Dry Gingerale and limes…wow. really good. Definitely going to be our drink of the winter!!!

  • Priscilla

    Bought some today and made cherry mojitos. Yum!

  • Bob

    I had a Torched Cherry Mojito at a local restaurant last night – okay, I had four of them. Loved it! Bought a bottle today, planning to try a few different drinks with it.

  • Cindy

    I enjoy this with the cranberry splash by sierra mist I think. I even use the diet version. It tastes just like the kiddie cocktails that my mom used to make. It is light and refreshing!

  • Frankenstein’s Mixologist

    This is what my rum party punch needed!
    Bacardi O, Bacardi Torched Cherry, 7-UP, Sunkist soda, Fresca soda, orange sherbert & splash of grenadine.
    This sweet punch is always a hit.

  • Lola

    I’m a die-hard Bacardi lover; a Bacardi girl once-upon-a-time ;)
    These are my fav (simple) go-to’s!

    Dragonberry Bomb (SHOT) – dragonberry and sugar-free redbull/purple rockstar
    Arctic Grape-Ape (drink-size SHOT) – arctic grape, grape pucker, sprite

    And my fav, Fav, FAV… (really, I’m not ashamed of just how regularly I drink these :D they really are the BEST diet single mixers with it!)

    Torched Cherry (COCKTAIL)
    -torched cherry & diet SUNKIST LEMONADE
    -torched cherry & diet DR PEPPER

  • Lola

    BY THE WAY—-


    Pleaaaaaase let me know!!

  • Rebecca

    I had an “Icee Martini” last night:

    Bacardi Torched Cherry
    Cranberry Juice

    It was yummy!

  • trisha

    i just love ice cherry bacardi and coke zero nothing better :)

  • Rosalind cynbeg

    Where can i buy barcardi torch cherry in the uk

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