Cocktail Hour: The Raspberry Orange Kamikaze Cocktail


Lately, I have not been able to find many cocktails on Recipe4Living that fit the ingredients that I have in my apartment.  The only main spirits I have are vodka and tequila, so until I buy some rum or gin, I’m a bit limited in what I can make.  So I went on the lookout for something- anything!- that I could throw together.  What I ended up finding was the recipe for a shot called a Raspberry Kamikaze.  I added some orange juice to make it a full drink, and the result was what I like to call a Raspberry Orange Kamikaze Cocktail!

The original recipe for this shooter was:

1/2 oz. raspberry vodka
1/2 oz. Chambord
1/2 oz. triple sec

I bulked it out a bit to make a full cocktail by increasing the amounts a little bit and adding some OJ.  Here’s the final result:

1 oz. raspberry vodka
1 oz. orange juice
1/2 oz. triple sec
1/2 oz. Chambord


After adding the recipe to Recipe4Living, I mixed all the ingredients together in a shaker with ice, strained it into a martini glass, and dove in!

The drink was a very pretty mixture of orange and pink- kind of a “dirty pink” if I had to name it.  I was definitely excited to give it a try.  However, upon taking my first sip, I cringed.  It was soooooo sweet, and not even sweet in the traditional sense.  It was a kind of sweet/bitter that I have never had before.  The Chambord was a bit overpowering and the drink was just not enjoyable, in my opinion.  After a few sips, I had to get rid of it.

My roommate, however, had a completely different reaction.  “It’s really good!  It’s so refreshing!” she said gleefully.  She went on to refer to the drink as a kind of “raspberry Cosmopolitan.”

To break the tie, we had our other roommate try it.  She didn’t seem impressed, and she said it was quite bitter.  But she also went on to say that if we used a different brand of vodka, the drink would be better.  She had made a cocktail a few nights earlier using the Six Raspberry Vodka and said it was pretty nasty.

Overall, this is one that you have to try for yourself.  It seems to be an acquired taste. I might minimize the raspberry flavor next time and use vanilla vodka or regular vodka. Why not try making your own variation?

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Do you have a cocktail recipe you want me to try?  Submit it here!

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  • Bleka tänderna

    That drink looks absolutely yummy and by the sound of the name alone it seems one crazy drink. Thank you for sharing how to make this. Saving up on different cocktail drink recipes I can find for my next house party. ^_^

  • Tandblekning

    Juut love the Kamikaze Cocktail, seems odd but it taste reallt nice.

  • Blombud

    That´s for sure a great drink to enjoy a nice summer night.

  • Personlig assistent

    That seems to be a nice drink. Definitely going to test it next party :) Thanks for sharing

  • Billigast bilförsäkring

    Looks really jummy! Most try it out!

  • Begravningsblommor

    I just love that Orange Juice bottle..haha..simply a classic

  • lana pengar

    Kamikaze drink sounds good :)

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