Canstruction 2010!


I’m so excited to see the entries to this year’s canstruction competition!  No, that’s not a spelling error; a canstruction is a self-supporting structure made up of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of cans of food!  Last year’s entries uncluded a giant Obama face, oversized M&Ms, a huge hand holding an ice cream cone, and more!  Read more about the Canstruction after the jump!

Every year, the Chicago Merchandise Mart hosts a canstruction competition.  The  event raises money for food the Greater Chicago Food Depository, and the cans used in the canstructions are donated to them, as well. 

Here are some of my favorite entries from last year’s competition:

 First off, a Can of Campbell’s soup made of…cans of Campbell’s soup (amongst other things!)  Very cool. 


Next, we have a camera and some film.  This structure was entitled “CAN-did Camera.”  Ha!


Finally, we have my personal favorite: the Joker from “Batman: The Dark Knight!”  What a fantastic tribute to Heath Ledger’s character and also a great way to emphasize that hunger is “no joke.”


If you’d like to see the Chicago canstruction competition in person, visit the Chicago Merchandise Mart this Thursday, May 13th.  Admission is $25 per person, which will go to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  You are also welcome to bring a canned food donation.  There will be food, drinks, and celebrity judges, so it should be a fun time!  Read more about the event here.

Canstruction takes place in MANY other cities, as well!  Go to to find out if there’s a competition near you!

To read our post about last year’s competition, click here!

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