Mother’s Day Brunch Rocked!


For all the mother’s out there, I hope you had a fabulous Mother’s Day! Usually, Mother’s Day involves tasty food.  Maybe your kids made you breakfast in bed, or maybe they took you out for a nice brunch or even dinner.  After all, what holiday doesn’t center around good food?As much as I wish I could say I was completely prepared this year with wonderful gift ideas and a special meal planned – I wasn’t! I spent the 3 days leading up to mother’s day in a classroom, where Mother’s Day gifts did not happen to cross my brain.  Of course, on the train ride home on Saturday night I realized that Mother’s Day was literally hours away and I had absolutely nothing!  I felt terrible because I always like to do something thoughtful for my mom since she has done SO much for me.

First things first – the meal.  Should we go to our regular breakfast place that we all like or should I find someplace new so my mom feels special?  New, definitely! I quickly called one restaurant that had advertised a nice brunch buffet.  They had one reservation available – 3:00.  They also informed me that the buffet closed at 2 p.m. This wasn’t going to work.  In a moment of sheer panic and desperation, I called my dad and asked what we could pull together on such short notice.  He said he knew of a hotel that has an all-you-can-eat brunch and that he’d call for reservations.  Thankfully, they had plenty of space and we booked a spot for noon.

Despite the fact that our meal plans were thrown together rather haphazardly, we ended up eating brunch at a gorgeous hotel with incredible food!  Let’s just say the highlight of the afternoon wasn’t the guy playing Take Me Out to the Ball Game on the violin, but the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!


As an avid chocolate lover, this was the most amazing site I’d ever seen.  I know my mom enjoyed the brunch, but I am pretty sure I walked out of the hotel as if I were floating on clouds (although on second thought, floating might not be such an accurate word if I were brave enough to tell you everything I ate!)

On the upside, I ate tons of fruit; on the,  well, the not up side, I ate tons of fruit drowned in chocolate.  Although I am not a mom, Mother’s Day was amazing. My mom also loved the brunch, although her favorite was the prime rib. I think my family and I discovered a new holiday tradition!

I know lots of people who would rather show their moms how special they are by making their own meal.  If you are a part of this more adventurous of categories, here are some great breakfast/brunch recipes to try .  Even though Mother’s Day isn’t for another year, moms work extremely hard and deserve appreciation and recognition more than once a year!

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Asparagus Omelet

Yogurt Pancakes

French Toast with Fruit Compote

Apple Waffles

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