Cocktail Hour: Lemon Drop Martini


Happy Friday and welcome to another edition of Cocktail Hour!  This week, I shook up a citrus martini that made my lips pucker.  I knew I wanted to make a lemon drop martini this week; I had heard great things about them, so I was on the lookout for the perfect recipe.  There was already a recipe for one on Recipe4Living, but it required more lemon juice than I had.  So I went searching, found another recipe that worked better for me, and added it to the site

I liked this recipe because it incorporated a bit of triple sec or Cointreau to the drink.  I’m a big fan of orange-flavored things, so I thought it would be a nice addition to the drink.  Here’s the recipe:

■1 1/2 oz. vodka
■1/2 oz. triple sec or Cointreau
■1 tsp. sugar (preferably superfine sugar)
■3/4 oz. lemon juice


The first step is to shake the ingredients together in a shaker with ice.  Because I only had regular sugar and not superfine sugar, I shook the mixture for a long time to ensure that the sugar had dissolved.  Then, all you have to do is strain and pour the mixture into a martini glass rimmed with sugar.  Finally, top it all off with a lemon peel garnish.

It smelled so good and I was dying to try it!  My first sip was very strong and tart and took me by surprise.  However, the sips after that got better and better.  I learned that it was absolutely necessary to get some sugar from the rim in each sip, as the sugar really helps take the edge off the sour, lemony flavor.  I suppose it’s the equivalent of having salt on your margarita glass- it’s the only thing that can make most people tolerate tequila!

The drink wasn’t too strong, however.   The lemon flavor stood out more than the vodka.  I couldn’t really detect the orange flavor at all, but I’m sure  it probably added some depth to the drink that wouldn’t be there otherwise.

Overall, I really enjoyed this martini.  Because there is sugar on the rim and in the drink, it’s probably not the best beverage to have the night before you go to the dentist’s office.  But it does have a tartness to it, which stops it from being sickeningly sweet.  It definitely does not compare to the Nutty Professor when it comes to sweetness.

This is a fun drink that is easy to make and tastes great!  Try it at your next get-together!

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