Cocktail Hour: The Michilada


In anticipation of Cinco de Mayo, I wanted to make a Mexican cocktail this week.  Margarita?  No, too boring.  Tequila sunrise?  Again, pretty dull.  When I found this recipe on Recipe4Living, I knew it was “the one.”  The combination of beer, lime juice, spices, and steak sauce sounded too bizarre to pass up, so I assembled the ingredients and got started! There were an awful lot of ingredients needed for this recipe, and when I set them all on the table, it looked like I was about to make a meal!  They certainly aren’t your typical cocktail ingredients. Here’s what you need:

* Coarse salt
* 3 cubes ice
* 1 lime, juiced
* 1 12 oz. can or bottle Mexican beer
* 1/2 tsp. steak sauce or sangrita
* 1 dash cayenne pepper
* 1 dash black pepper
* 1 pinch dried oregano
* 1 pinch dried basil


For the Mexican beer, I used Tecate, and I just used some generic steak sauce, as I didn’t have any sangrita laying around the house!

The first thing that you need to do is rim the glass with salt.  After that, you throw in the ice along with the lime juice and half the beer.  Next, season the drink using the spices.  This is what it looked like halfway through.  Kinda nasty, huh?  It was at this point that I started to regret ever choosing this drink.


Finally, you pour in the rest of the beer, mix it up a little, and you’re ready to go!  I’m not going to lie- I was very nervous about trying this drink. The spices don’t mix well with the liquid and there were chunks of steak sauce stuck in the bottom of the glass.


I finally mustered up the courage to try a sip.  I used a straw at first because I couldn’t bear to sip down flakes and flakes of basil and oregano.

What did it taste like?  Limey beer.  That was it.  I expected it to be more spicy and flavorful, but it just tasted like limey beer.  I tried a sip without the straw next.  After pulling a few chunks of oregano out of my teeth, I realized that it pretty much tasted the same.  It was just a bit saltier and more spiced.

I wish I could say that it tasted like something in particular.  I tried so hard to identify it.  There was a dull burning in my throat from the cayenne, and a slight pizza aftertaste in my mouth (probably from the basil and oregano), but other than that, lime and beer were the main flavors I tasted.

So, overall, the Michilada didn’t impress me.  I thought it would be a yummy, spicy, Bloody Mary kind of drink, but the flavors didn’t stand out enough.  I dumped it after 4 sips.

But if you’re looking for some seriously scrumptious margarita recipes for Cinco de Mayo, here are some for you to make:
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Do you have a cocktail recipe to share?  Submit it here!

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