More Time For Breakfast


It’s my favorite meal of the day by far, but for some reason, I never take the time to really cook up something truly satisfying for breakfast. Some plain old yogurt or cold cereal or maybe a little fruit seems so much easier then cooking something up. But the truth is, all the things that I have been eating for breakfast never seem to fill me up.

Around 11:00 a.m., I can feel my stomach grumbling and I hope that no one else can hear its pleas. Having to wait at least another hour for lunch is painful, so I need to change my ways and start taking breakfast more seriously. It is the most important meal of the day, and I really think it has the best food. This shouldn’t be too difficult.

– Light, fluffy and totally tasty. I just don’t want to be spending more than 20 minutes cooking up these hotcakes, so I need quick recipes.

Easy Apple Butter Pancakes

4-Grain Pancakes

Blueberry Pancakes

Waffles – Crunch and douses with maple syrup. Again, I want something not too difficult or time-consuming.

Sweet Potato Waffles

Chocolate Waffles

Gingerbread Waffles

Eggs – Protein is very important for the body, and because I don’t eat much meat, eggs can be the perfect way for me to get my protein fix. Scrambled is my favorite way to cook them, but I want to try other varieties too.

Everything Omelet

Veggie Scrambled Eggs

Perfect Hash Browns

Breakfast can’t be narrowed down to just these three categories. I want some more unusual breakfast dishes to try out as well.

Apple Baked French Toast

Biscuits and Gravy

Oatmeal With Dates

Is your favorite meal of the day breakfast too? Submit your favorite breakfast recipes here so I can try them out!

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