Cocktail Hour: The Ultimate Chocolate Martini


Lately, Chew on That has given me plenty of opportunities to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I had a creamy, hazelnut treat with the Nutty Professor and a refreshingly sweet cranberry drink with the Absolut Apple.  However, today, I got to try something that every chocoholic dreams about: The Ultimate Chocolate Martini

When I looked in my liquor cabinet the other day, I noticed some Bailey’s, some Godiva chocolate liqueur, and plenty of other yummy ingredients.  Suddenly, it came to me: “I’ll make a chocolate martini!”  So I headed onto Recipe4Living and found 4 different chocolate martini recipes.  I ended up picking this one, because I had most of the ingredients, and I liked the idea of adding Chambord to the drink.  It also claimed to be the “ultimate” chocolate martini, and who can resist that?

Here are the ingredients:
■2 parts vodka
■2 parts Godiva chocolate liqueur
■1 part white crème de cacao
■1 part Bailey’s Irish Cream
■1 part Chambord raspberry liqueur

I didn’t have any white crème de cacao, so I simply added more Godiva chocolate liqueur to replace the ingredient.  Because this recipe had “parts” and not exact measurements, I simply changed each “part” to 1/2 oz. (a half shot).  This, with the replacement of chocolate liqueur for crème de cacao, resulted in:

■1 oz. vodka
■1 1/2 oz. Godiva chocolate liqueur
■1/2 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream
■1/2 oz. Chambord raspberry liqueur


I couldn’t wait to get started!  The ingredients said to shake the vodka and crème de cacao together, pour them into the glass, then shake the other ingredients together and float them on top.  Because I wasn’t using crème de cacao, I shook all of the ingredients together with ice and poured them into a martini glass. 

I didn’t bother with any fancy garnishes, but rimming the glass with cocoa powder is always a fun addition.  Garnishing it with a raspberry would have also been delish! 

Once shaken, it was very light brown and slightly frothy.  It almost looked like a glass of chocolate milk!  Then I took my first sip.  It tasted a lot like Bailey’s, for some reason, even though there was only a dash of Bailey’s in the drink.  It was definitely creamy and very scrumptious, but still had a very slight bite to it due to the vodka. 

At first I was a little disappointed because I couldn’t taste the Chambord at all.  But about 30 seconds after my first sip, it hit me.  It was actually pretty shocking!  I have never experienced such a definite aftertaste in my life.  It was so strange that I couldn’t taste the Chambord at all when I was sipping it, but after I swallowed, it was the only flavor that stayed with me.  It was a fun surprise, really!

I would definitely recommend this cocktail to chocoholics and non-chocoholics alike.  If you want to really pump up the chocolate, add some chocolate syrup, a chocolate curl, or cocoa powder to it.  If you’d prefer to play up the raspberry flavor, change the measurements around a bit so there’s more Chambord.  I’m fairly certain that this drink is flexible enough to go several different ways. 

If you’re looking for a great chocolate martini, here are the other recipes from Recipe4Living that I didn’t try- give ‘em a shot and let me know what you think!
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Do you have a martini recipe that you’d like to share?  Submit it here!

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  • Anavar

    I’m a chocoholic and always have one chocolate liqueur at home. After the last party there’s also some martini left. Thanks for interesting recipe, I’ll try to make something similar!

  • Anadrol

    Thanks for a great recipe.


  • hgh

    hey dude it nice recipes shared by you

  • sue

    very nice recipe, have to give this a shot

  • HGH

    i like that kind of recipe thanks from you:p

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