KFC Double Down

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Despite the fact that I am a vegetarian, I am going to write about Kentucky Fried Chicken anyway.  Hey, I used to eat KFC when I was a kid (my mom absolutely loves fried chicken!).  This week, KFC has introduced new menu item designed to challenge food categorizations! Since the ‘sandwiches’ nationwide debut, it has been stirring up plenty o’ conversation.

On April 12th, KFC let loose its new ‘sandwich’: the Double Down.  If you haven’t seen the advertisements, this ‘sandwich’, or rather a chickenwich, consists of 2 pieces of bacon, 2 slices of cheese and colonel sauce sandwiched between 2 fried chicken breasts.  This supposedly revolutionary food is meant to challenge the traditional notion of a sandwich.  Who needs bread when you can have the goodies smooshed between chicken?

NPR did a taste testing and posted the results on their blog, “Wait, Wait…don’t blog me!” Here are just a few of their comments:

  • “I shouldn’t be typing while eating this. My keyboard is really shiny.”
  • “It’s really a triumph of nature. When they’re alive, a chicken never gets to have a pork inside of it.”
  • “Do you remember the days when sandwiches were made with bread, not chicken?”
  • “Seriously, this is rewriting the rules of lunch. And of sandwiches. We’re going to replace peanut butter and jelly with chicken and chicken.”

Some love the ‘sandwich,’ some hate it and some hate that they love it.

So we know the ingredients in this beast of a ‘sandwich,’ but how bad is it for you?  Here’s the scoop on the numbers.

Calories – 540
Fat - 32 g
Sodium – 1380 mg

We can’t forget, however, that KFC came out with a “healthier” version of the Double Down that uses grilled chicken in place of fried chicken.  So how much healthier is it?  Let’s find out.

Calories -460
Fat -23 g
Sodium – 1430 mg

Calories and fat have been reduced, but the sodium has increased.  The daily recommended intake for adults is about 2,000 calories, 65 grams of fat, and 2400 mg of sodium.  This means that for one healthier ‘sandwich’ you would still consume about 35% of your day’s worth of fat.  So even this “healthier” version is only healthier, relatively – but definitely not healthy!

So is this really the death of the sandwich?  Somehow I think not.  I don’t think that chicken can replace the delicate and balanced flavor that bread provides a sandwich.  Some of the biggest complaints about the Double Down so far is that all you can taste is chicken! It needs to be a balancing act.

Besides, the sandwich has already triumphed against  the whims of society at least once.  Over the past ten years or so, the low-carb diet craze threatened bread products everywhere.  You ate your sandwiches wrapped in lettuce!  While I am not of fan of replacing bread with lettuce either, it is at least a mild flavor with a nice texture to offset the inside of the sandwich.

Since I love finding ways to make healthier versions of food, here’s a few takes on ‘fried’ chicken recipe that won’t make your keyboard shiny:

Low Fat Fried Chicken

Oven-Baked Fried Chicken

If you have any similar recipes, share them here!

Has anyone tasted a Double Down yet?  Thoughts?  Will KFC forever go down in the history books for changing the nature of the ‘sandwich’?

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  • http://www.TheHealthyCocktail.com Linda

    KFC can no longer call itself Kentucky Fried Chicken…..because it is not REAL chicken. It is a genetically engineered being of a sort that runs around with no head or feathers until it is slaughtered.
    The fat and calories are the least of your worries if you eat this!

  • http://www.recipe4living.com AllisonEvans


    I agree that KFC chicken may be a bit of a mystery meat. Being a vegetarian was probably one of my better decisions.

  • http://youwillneverknowwhatwebsitethisissodontaskeveragain.com You Shall Never Know


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