I’ll Pass on the Airplane Food


Last night I stayed in with my boyfriend and watched the very well-reviewed film, “Up in the Air.” Filled with humor and emotion that wasn’t too outrageous, and led by some fab actors, I have to admit that it’s definitely one of the best films I’ve seen so far in 2010. Even though the film really has nothing to do with cooking, I got to thinking about a particular kind of food. The wonderful cuisine served on an airplane. Note my sarcasm.

Airplane food, at least in the United States, makes me cringe, gag and wrinkle my nose all at the same time. I’m not a regular airplane flier like George Clooney’s character in the movie, but I’m on a plane at least a couple times a year. How do I avoid those meals? I find a filling snack recipe from Recipe4Living, cook it and pack it up for the car ride to the airport. You’ll have to get rid of it before you hit security, but it’s better than what you’ll probably get on the plane.

Here are a few good snack recipes:

Ranch Crackers
Herb Pretzels
Wheatie Treats
Mocha Walnuts
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

I’m pretty open to most new food experiences, but not when it comes to airplane food. There’s just something that severely bothers me about the food being packaged together in a little tray, especially the amazingly leather-like meat. Even though you can usually choose a meat or veggie meal, I still feel at odds. I just want some bread and butter or peanuts or maybe a cookie.

Are you a fan of airplane food? My dad sure is. He’ll devour all of his food and mine. I don’t know if he just gets really hungry or enjoys it. Blah!

What’s the worst airplane food you’ve ever had?
Or do you enjoy it? Have any snack ideas to munch on before the plane ride? Submit the recipes here!

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  • http://www.marketwithartemis.com/ Chicago Web Site Marketing

    Wow that’s great food thanks for shearing your great article good information keep it up

  • http://www.recipe4living.com Hillary

    Maybe next time you can bring your own snacks. How about this recipe?

  • http://www.experimentalseries106.com Laura

    I have noticed that airlines are increasingly cutting down their food options (at least from where I sit in economy class, many US airlines are no longer providing hot meals at all on domestic flights, and you get or are offered to buy, things like sandwiches and pre-packaged chips, etc.). Some, like JetBlue, I think do not serve food on domestic flights at all, you can buy sandwiches, etc. to take with you from a (reletively nice) shop in the airport. I think airlines see this as a good cost-cutting measure because few people are mourning the demise of airline food. However, I have been flying for years and remember when it was actually good, and Northwest was my dad’s favorite airline because they also had free booze!

  • geri della pietro

    With all the prices going up, I have often wondered why the airlines just stop serving their terrible food and just offer water for the less than 3 hr. flights. This would save a great deal of money and with most of the people I see boarding the planes, they are mostly overweight and a couple of hours without the high sodium plastic food might be good for them.

  • Bruce Walker

    This is EXACTLY what the airlines want: stop serving food in flight and reduce their overhead. People learned to expect some kind of bad food dished to them in-flight in the 80′s as the airlines stretched to extend profit margins. When I worked for an airline catering company, we were required to prepare small portions of inexpensive food with very little margin for error in portion sizes. Not only that, but the recipes were poorly designed for flavor and more for ease of heating onboard.



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