Cocktail Hour: Absolut Apple


After a brief hiatus, Cocktail Hour is back with another fabulous drink for you to try!  This week’s cocktail is full of fruity goodness, combining vodka, apple pucker, and cranberry juice.  Come along for the ride and I’ll tell you what I thought!

After the Nutty Professor, I wanted something that wasn’t quite so sickeningly sweet.  So I went online and found the recipe for a fun drink called Absolut Apple.  It sounded perfect.  Fruity?  Yes.  Easy drinking?  Yes.  Simple?  Yes. 

Here’s the recipe:
1 1/2 oz. Absolut vodka
1/2 oz. apple pucker
cranberry juice


I didn’t have any Absolut vodka, so I had to make do with Smirnoff.  All you have to do is dump the booze into a highball glass with ice, then pour in as much cranberry juice as you want.  I filled my glass pretty full.  The recipe recommends garnishing the drink with a lemon wedge, but I opted to throw in a cherry bomb instead.  A cherry bomb is a maraschino cherry soaked in vodka.  I have had a jar soaking for about a month now, so throwing in one of these babies definitely added a kick to my drink. 

My first thought when I tasted the Absolut Apple was, “Uh oh.  This is dangerous.”  It was sweet without being too sweet, it was fruity, and you could barely taste the alcohol at all.  It basically just tasted like cranberry juice with a hint of apple.  The result is a seriously easy-drinking cocktail that creeps up on you pretty quickly.  When I finished it (within a startlingly short amount of time), I was well on my way! 

This is a great, simple drink to make- make a big batch, put it in pitchers, and serve it at your next party!  Just make sure you buy good-tasting cranberry juice, because the flavor of the juice is central to the cocktail.  Enjoy! 

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