Devilish Deviled Eggs


We all know that it’s National Egg Salad week as Kathryn mentioned on Tuesday. But because I would like an excuse to share my mom’s deviled egg recipe, I thought I would extend the scope of this food holiday.

I hope that everyone enjoyed Easter feasts and plenty of family time!  I know I did.  As usual, my family and I went to dinner at my godfather’s house.  There is always a ton of food, and I almost mean that literally.  There was ham that smelled like a cinnamon roll, grilled salmon in an Italian marinade, cheesy potato bake (one of my favorites!), green bean casserole, rolls, a salad bar and of course, my mom’s famous deviled eggs. 

For years now my mom has always been asked to bring her deviled eggs to all of the gettogethers .    I never realized that I was such a deviled egg snob until the year my mom got sick and was unable to make her eggs.  My aunt jumped in and took over the role.  I tried her deviled eggs and it wasn’t that they were bad, but they lacked that punch, that extra-flavor my mom’s had.

I know that many of you probably have mothers who are excellent cooks, but my mother not only hates cooking, but also isn’t very good at it (she agrees wholeheartedly with this statement).  So I am always really excited when she makes food that I love.

What’s her secret?  Worcestershire sauce!  This amazing condiment provides a slight tang that perfectly compliments the smooth, creaminess of the eggs and mayo.

With all the times she has made this dish I have almost never watched her make it – that is, until Saturday night (see Monday’s Sugar Cookie Mania post).  I decided that not only would I watch, but I would also take pictures.  I was hoping that she would have a recipe card that had the exact measurements so I could just write it out for everyone to have. Unfortunately and ironically, my mom cooks like a gourmet chef – she never uses measuring utensils!  She dumps, shakes, stirs and dumps some more until it comes out perfectly.

Since I can’t provide exact measurements, I would start by using small amounts of each ingredient and have plenty of taste testing. The nice thing about not having exact measurements is that you make it to taste and don’t have to scribble notes about how you would improve the recipe next time.

If you want to more recipes, videos and how-to tips for deviled eggs, click here.

Mayo, regular or reduced fat works well
Dijon mustard
Worcestershire sauce
Salt and Pepper

Note: Use a pinch or two of sugar if eggs taste overly tangy.


  1. Hard boil eggs (about 10-15 minutes, depending on how many eggs you use)dsc_0048-1
  2. Let eggs cool and then peel the shells off.  Scoop egg yolks into a medium sized bowl and mash them up with a fork.dsc_0064-1
  3. Add mayo, mustard, worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper.
  4. Stir well and tastedsc_0108-1
  5. Cut egg whites in half vertically
  6. When satisfied with the taste, scoop out yolk mixture and spoon into egg whitedsc_0113-1
  7. Sprinkle the eggs with paprika

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  • Acheron

    Just a suggestion… after the paprika… sprinkle some fresh bacon scraps… or bacon bits if you’re lazy… they add just a touch of crunch… fantastic! Of course I’m obsessed with deviled eggs, like this guy:Seth is obsessed with deviled eggs

  • http://RecipeforLiving Joan Swarthout

    I have not yet tried Worcestershire sauce, but will the very next time—-I also add a dollop of horseradish….mmmmmmmmmmmgood

  • Trease E.

    liked the devil egg recipe

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