Floating Down A Green River


If there’s one thing you can say about Chicagoans; we love St. Patrick’s Day. Parades, pubs and the Chicago River dyed green are just some of the ways we like to celebrate. And of course you can’t go anywhere without finding Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes, Irish Soda bread and a beverage that’s native to Chicago…Green River Soda.


Originally produced by the Schoenhofen Brewery in 1919, it was an alternative to beer during the Prohibition. When Prohibition ended in 1933 the brewery went back to producing beer and Green River Soda became a staple at soda fountains everywhere. The brewery closed in 1950 but Green River lived on at the Clover Club Bottling Corp and is served at all Chicago area Hackney Restaurants, 50′s style soda fountains and in bottles in area stores during the few weeks we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.


All this is to say that in our household, St. Patrick’s Day is incomplete without Green River Soda. And while budget cuts have stopped the Chicago River from turning green, it hasn’t stopped us from having our traditional Green River Soda floats. This year I waited until today to start my search for this green staple and our St. Patrick’s Day tradition almost followed the way of the Dodo. During my lengthy search, I went to 3 different grocery chains in my and finally found a few bottles at Dominicks. And even at that I had to ask where it was hiding since they were almost sold out. But all’s well that ends well. I found a bottle of Green River soda and vanilla ice cream and was able to make Green River Floats for dessert.


This got me to thinking about floats and soda in general and so I started looking around Recipe4Living to see how many different ways you can make an ice cream float and found these other great ideas.

Orange Floats
Kool-Aid Floats
Chocolate Peanut Butter Floats

You can also use any type of soda including Sprite and Mt. Dew to make floats. They really are great no matter how you prepare them. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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