National Sauce Month


Are you one of those people that puts some kind of sauce on every meal you eat? I know several people just like that, and the first that comes to my mind is my boyfriend. Even if the food is already perfectly seasoned or tasty as is, he’ll douse it with any sauce he can get his hands on. Barbecue sauce, sweet and sour, hot sauce, honey mustard, they’re all winners in his book. It can be really frustrating though because sometimes the sauce compromises the original flavor that was intended.

But for the rest of March, I’m going to step away from my inclination to avoid the sauce because March is National Sauce Month. I’ll admit that sauce can definitely enhance the flavor of food, so that’s going to be my mindset. Whether it’s gravy, salad dressing or tomato sauce, it’s time to celebrate sauces that give an extra kick to a meal.

National Sauce Month has been celebrated for years. To celebrate, I’m thinking I might have to throw a saucy dinner party and invite friends to bring over their favorite sauce. I’m going to provide the meat, bread, potatoes and pasta. Just in case they don’t know which sauce to bring, I’m planning on sending a list of my favorite sauce recipes for inspiration.

Here are just a few sauces that I think my guests should consider bringing:

Crab Sauce
Plum Sauce
Cream Sauce
Safari Sauce
Arby’s Sauce

What are your favorite sauces? Mine is definitely pesto; it really makes a pasta just burst with flavor. Send in your favorite sauce recipes here!

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