Lovin’ the Soupbox


Every Tuesday morning, I’m stuck driving into downtown Chicago, attending three back-to-back classes at Loyola University Chicago, hanging around and doing homework for about an hour and then going to a meeting. It’s a long day, to the say the least. Although I usually pack a light lunch to get me through that second class, during my break between classes and my meeting, I always make sure to head down the block to the wonderful little restaurant, the Soupbox.

This place is heaven-sent for me, a self-proclaimed soup lover. Not only do they have 12 gourmet soups made fresh daily, including vegan and gluten-free options, you also get a gigantic piece of bread (either sour dough or wheat) every time you order a soup. For those of you, who’d rather have a salad, don’t worry! They also have 12 fresh custom salads, which I have yet to try. On those tough days, this soup is the only thing that keeps me going!

Another plus: The staff is incredibly friendly. They always ask you how your day is and shout a farewell when you’re leaving. You can also have as many samples of the soup as you want too, just to see which one you want. My fave flavors? New England Clam Chowder and Lobster Bisque. I eat my soups separately. But you’d be surprised just how many people mix their two very different flavors of soup together. Either way, if you’re visiting the Chicago area, check this place out. If you decide to come during the winter, there’ll be a big change though. The Soupbox becomes the Icebox, serving 20 flavors ot Italian Ice.

Here are some of my other favorite soup recipes:

Potato, Corn, and Leak Chowder

Tomato and Veggie Soup

Farina Dumpling Soup

Harvest Moon Soup

What are your favorite soup recipes? Send them in here!

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