Help Me Choose My Valentine’s Day Meal


Now that the Super Bowl is over, crunchy and salty are out for me. This Valentines Day, I’m craving something really sweet. I want creamy and crumbly and sugary! This year, I won’t be spending tons of money at a fancy restaurant. I’m staying in with my boyfriend and cooking up a romantic meal that I know we’ll both enjoy.

Instead of enduring the pain of making reservations, getting all dressed up and hoping that the food is good, we’re going to relax, watch a movie and enjoy a home-cooked meal that’s filled with love. Plus, I can use some of the recipes I’ve been waiting to try out! But, I’ve been kind of uncertain which to choose! Here are my ideas so far:

Red Hot Valentine’s Day Salad
Valentine’s Day Salmon Pate
Mixed Greens with Hearts of Palm

Main Course:
Valentine’s Day Tomato Basil Pasta
Raspberry-Balsamic Glazed Chicken
Beef Tenderloins with Cherry Port Sauce

Giant Cherry Heart Dessert
My Romantically Delicious Fudge Brownies
Strawberry Sweetheart Cake

Can you help me choose?

If you have any recipes ideas for my Valentine’s Day meal,  submit them to! I’ll choose my favorite and update this post next week with the winner.

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  • Susan

    My Valentines Meal are cake with heart shape,red wine, beefsteak, and we go to the theater to watch valentines movie,park and romantic place. more power to your site thanks for the tips God bless everyone happy valentines to all ;-)

  • web design

    I did not have a good time on that day for something.We quarreled on that day.So sad!

  • Cash Mobiles

    With food like that every day should be a Valentines day. In fact it would be if you did! Thanks alot for these.

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