War on Hummus


Hummus, the chickpea spread that many of us know and love, is now at the center of the latest Middle Eastern conflict. Forget land settlements and religious wars. Let’s focus on something a little more important like say,  who can make the largest serving of hummus? After some back and forth controversy, Israel now has the lead with a world record of more than four metric tons of hummus. The prior record had just been set in October by Lebanese hummus makers. But regardless of who is leading this war on hummus, we’re really just craving some hummus!

Bring on the hummus recipes!  (Find them after the jump.)

Set your own world record or just make a small personal batch with these tasty hummus recipes! (Note: any world record attempts will require recipe conversion!)

Hummus Recipes:

Mmm Hummus
Cream Cheese Hummus

Recipes That Use  Hummus:
Hummus Chicken and Brown Rice
Shredded Beef and Hummus Wraps
5- Layer Mediterranean Dip

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  • http://myfabulousrecipes.blogspot.com Sook

    I’ve only discovered hummus not too long ago and I love it! I need to try and make it at home sometime.

  • http://kennychiceats.blogspot.com/ KennyT

    I’m a sucker for a good hummus dip, yum yum yum!

  • http://www.holidaycottagecornwall.org/ Sarah Holiday

    Hhmm yum yum!! Wow, Israel sure is something when it comes to hummus! For those people who haven’t heard what hummus is (let’s face it, not all of us know what hummus is especially to those country where hummus is not seen)

    “Hummus is a middle-eastern food composed of chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, and tahini, a paste similar in texture to peanut butter that is made from sesame seeds. Hummus is typically eaten with pita or other flat bread.”


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    Many cuisine-related sources carry forward a folklore which describes hummus as one of the oldest known prepared foods with a long history in the Middle East stretching back to antiquity, but its historical origins are unknown. The historical enigma is such that the origins of hummus-bi-tahini could be much more recent than is widely believed. One of the earliest verifiable descriptions of hummus comes from 18th-century Damascus and the same source claims it was unknown elsewhere.[

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    i must admit i didnt know what hummus was but after this article i definitely want to findout

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    I have not heard “Hummus” before i read your blog .But i think what your picture shows is very delicious.

  • http://www.cottoecrudo.com/en Alice

    I could easily eat the largest serving of hummus ;)

  • http://www.thebigbangtheorywatchonline.com lara

    Hummus mmmmmm :)

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