13 Low Cost Sandwich Recipes

November 3rd is actually Sandwich Day in honor of the 4th  Earl of Sandwich’s birthday (Who comes up with this stuff?) But regardless of the holiday’s origin, we thought a list of budget friendly sandwich recipes would always be welcome! From a tasty pizza sandwich to a low cost egg salad, check out these great lunch ideas after the jump and starting saving some major lunchtime expenses!

See the whole list here!

1. Peanut Butter and Jelly Roll-Ups – An easy way to cut down carbs and a fun way to serve the good ole’ PB&J.

2. Grilled Cheese Deluxe – A grilled cheese is anything but plain when you use this recipe.

3. Zesty Egg Salad for Two – The perfect amount for a lunch for two.

4. Turkey Apple Melts – This is sweet, cheesy and just down right good. Kids love it!

5. Chicken Salad Wraps – Easy and nutritious lunch  for the carb-counting bunch.

6. Amish Ham Salad – A super easy sandwich spread, also great on crackers for an appetizer.

7. Baked Pizza Sandwich – This hearty sandwich uses a biscuit base and features pizza sauce,  mozzarella, and ground beef.

8. Open-Faced Carrot Salad Sandwich – This crunchy salad-sandwich makes a great, healthy snack.

9. Tuna Melt Wrap – When you have a little time to prep, this is an easy lunch that’s packed with energy to keep you going all day long.

10. Celery Sandwich – This is perfect for dieters & non-dieters alike.

11. Delicious Supper Sandwich – This is an easy-to-make sandwich your family will love for dinner.

12. Dijon Chicken Salad Pitas – This is a pretty, fun quick meal or quick snack. Ready in only about 5 minutes!

13. Bagel Bites – I just started sprouting my own beans and seeds and am having so much fun experimenting with combinations. This simple concoction was gleaned from somewhere online.

See the whole list here!

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    My favorite sandwich recipe is by far:

    Tomato, Bacon, Letuce, cheese + Mayo!

    Oh & I almost forgot, Lays chips with it!

    Best diner ever.

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