Trick Or Treat With Jelly Beans!


I thought this was too cute not to share – Now you can actually trick (or treat) your trick or treaters with Jelly Belly’s Halloween mix. The flavor mix is called “BeanBoozled” and it includes 20 different look alike flavors like “coconut” or “baby wipes” and they even get as nasty as “peach” or “barf”. Hand out a pack to your kids for some fun or serve them at your next Halloween Party!

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  • Simone (junglefrog)

    Not living in the US I sometimes think it would be so much fun if we had things like that over here. Halloween does become more and more popular but it’s still minor compaired to what is happening in other countries. These sweets look lovely!

  • Cajun Chef Ryan

    Jelly beans are one of my favorite and typically are overlooked for Halloween.

  • Secret

    I love most jelly bean flavors, however i just can’t stand the black liquorish ones (BLAH). I even like the creame type jellybeans (YUMMY). Get a bag of jellybeans near me & you can bet that I’ll be sifting through them, matching the colors, & then slowly charishing each bite. :)

  • gfdsg g gfg

    i like the poop flavored ones.

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