Gourmet Magazine: 68 Years Of History Comes To A Close


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After years of sharing recipes, food trends and helpful kitchen tips, the well renowned Gourmet magazine’s last issue (November 2009) has already been sent to the printers,Chuck Townsend, executive of Conde Nast announced today. The leading newspaper broke the news of the company’s decision to shut down one of the longest running food magazines in America based on negative profit margins and poor performance in relation to other magazines owned by the company.

Recipes from Gourmet magazine after the jump!

Some may call this a smart business decision but many foodies throughout the community are both stunned and saddened. Gourmet magazine was an icon in the industry and editor Ruth Reichl set the bar quite high. From holiday cookie collections to inspired cocktail ideas, this publication helped many a kitchen table reach its potential through its 68 years of printing.

Conde Nast owns Bon Appetit magazine which is still going strong. They intend to focus their efforts on this publication as well as the online realm for recipes to represent their share in the food industry. The entire staff of Gourmet magazine (as well as other discontinued magazines) was let go. They will not be publishing an issue past the already printed November 2009 issue.

To pay tribute to the magazine and the well respected staff, we’ve pulled together 5 of our favorite recipes that originally came from the magazine itself.

5 Recipes From Gourmet Magazine:

5 Layer Bars
Pear Brandy Champagne Cocktail
Turkey Chili
Strawberries with Molasses Sour Cream Sauce
Algonquian Three Sisters Rice

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  • http://www.vacationrentalsad.com Constant Gina

    You raise very good points, I agree. I even use Martha Stewart Every Day Food more than those for weekday meals – so good! I rarely buy all of those magazines. Publications also needed to get into the online game more, especially robust, beautifully designed online password-protected content for subscribers.

  • http://www.thefood.ie dee

    I was so sad to hear this, really unreasonably sad given that I never cooked any of the recipes in the magazines but loved arriving home to them and reading them.

  • Louise Thulin

    I was shocked to hear of Gourmet’s closing down with little or no warning—I have been a subscriber practically from its beginning. My subscription is payed up until October 2011–since I stopped my subscription to Bon Appetit as of October 2009, I guess they can use up Gourmet’s sub-scription by continuing Bon Appetit since both were owned by Conde Nast. I feel horrible about Gourmet; however, I must admit it became more of a travel magazine than a food magazine under Ruth Reichl.

  • http://WebTvMSN Betty

    What happened to Sara Molton from Food Network who was also associated with Gourmet Magazine?
    To lose 2 jobs wow. I feel bad for her and all the others. Do you know if they found emploment somewhere else? Thank you so much.

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