Make Your Own Salad Night


Sometimes the most simple foods can turn out to be the most enjoyable dinner. Who needs porcini risotto when you can have a big bowl of salad? Actually, even while writing this out – a big bowl of salad does not sound very enticing. But if you chop up some of your favorite ingredients like artichokes, apples, cucumbers, peppers, roasted tomatoes (I have a close up of these  after  the jump) and more, “make your own salad night” turns into so much more.


The best part is this extremely satisfying healthy meal takes very little work. That’s the whole concept of Make Your Own Salad Night – you just chop up some ingredients and throw them all together in a bowl. No cooking involved! Unless of course you make some roasted tomatoes to add to your salad too. Which if you do, it’ll make all the difference (and they’re easy too!)


Serve your salad with a loaf of crusty bread and some olive oil, Parmesan cheese dipping sauce and you have one very enticing meal. I’ll be honest – I went running with a friend and I wasn’t planning on staying for dinner but as soon as I saw the olive oil cheese and amazing salad ingredients, I was sold. Thanks Jen and Jordan for having me over for Make Your Own Salad Night (which as it turns out, is just about every night at their house :)).

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  • sippitysup

    I have what I call my “weekly salad bowl”. It starts out on Sunday a simple salad of fresh greens and not much else. I have a little with one meal. Then the next day I add a bit more to stretch it out to another meal. I repeat this process several days in a row, by the time the last few bites are enjoyed it’s quite a medley of tastes! So I know the joy of salad. GREG

  • Elle

    This looks great! I can’t wait to try it out! :)

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