Wheel of Lunch


It’s almost lunchtime. Do you know where you’re going for lunch yet? If you’re anything like me and you haven’t packed a lunch, you have a hard time deciding what’s for lunch. Let the “Wheel of Lunch” help you! With relevant and local results, one spin of the wheel suggests where in your area you should go for lunch. With data from Yahoo Local’s, all it takes is entering your zip code for an array of choices in your area. I find it very handy!

And speaking of handy, if you love making your own lunches ahead of time, you’ll love these great resources too:
Brown Bag Lunch Ideas (featured in Crain’s Business New York)
Lunch Recipes
13 Low Cost Sandwich Recipes

  • http://www.insurancequotes.org Cindy @ Insurance Quotes

    Very nice, every day at work the girls and I try to go to a new local place to eat. This is such a nifty helper

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