Back To School Lunch Ideas


We all know the school year isn’t just stressful for kids. It’s stressful for parents too! Why? Because parents have to worry about packing lunches! They have to worry about taste, nutrition, whether or not it’s appealing to their kids and much much more. So, do you need a helping hand with your school lunches this year? We’ve got just the thing. With healthy lunch tips and new kid-friendly lunch ideas, we’ll help you get back into the swing of the school year with a whole new brown bag lunch repertoire.  Instead of plain old PB&J, try PB&J Sushi Rolls. Or maybe try sneaking in some fruit with Bagel Fruit Sandwiches

Whatever you choose, our Back To School article on Recipe4Living has all sorts of new school lunch inspiration that is certainly worth a peek. Have a great school year!

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  • Karen

    It matters to teachers too! Most parents don’t consider it – post-lunch, many teachers run into the troubles of children zoned out due to a lack of proper nutrition and it makes it much harder to have concentrated, alert and interactive students.

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