Summer Snapshots From Green City Market


While I visited Green City Market last fall , I had yet to reap the benefits of their summer produce until this past weekend. And with purple rain carrots (pictured above) to squash blossoms to tables of fresh herbs to the best raspberries I have ever tasted, there was certainly a lot to see (and taste). I wish I lived closer to the market so I’d be able to pick up this awesome produce every weekend but regardless, I’ll definitely make an effort to go back more regularly. I definitely need more of those raspberries.

Check out some other great snapshots and recipes to match after the jump!

First, let’s talk about those carrots. You’ll notice there are three different kinds of carrots in the photo above – the standard, a purplish hue and a ball shaped carrot. I didn’t know carrots were being grown in all different colors and shapes but leave it to Green City Market to have such a variety.

The farmer believes that the purple rain carrots are full of more antioxidants as the purple pigment in produce is often associated with antioxidants (think blueberries, pomegranate, acai…)

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Next up, we have squash blossoms. First, let it be said that I came to the market looking for squash blossoms. I read about these edible flowers all the time and had heard they were making an appearance at Green City Market. When I got there, there was one small tub left in the whole market and the remaining blossoms had much to be desired at $5 a bunch. That said, I had to pass them up. Maybe next time!

Squash Blossom Recipes: Vegetable Blossom Soup, Stuffed Summer Squash


The star of the market was in my opinion the summer fruit. From all sorts of berries to apricots to cherries, there was a pint full of summer deliciousness every where you turned! I wound up taking home a small crate of raspberries and a pint of blueberries. My intent was to bake something with them, like say Raspberry Pie or some of these blueberry recipes. But since I ate them ALL before gathering up the rest of the ingredients…that idea went out the window. And just for the record, the raspberries I bought were the best raspberries I have ever tasted in the whole wide world of raspberries. No joke.

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Another popular summer crop is: sweet corn. And boy was it popular at the market too! At 50 cents an ear from most stands, I was tempted to buy a bunch but I plain and simply did not have a big enough bag to carry them around in for the day. I definitely hope to get some at my next visit!

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Green beans were flowing everywhere in this market. I have never seen so many green beans in one place! Take this batch for instance, this was just at one stand alone!

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These heirloom tomatoes have always intrigued me. For one thing, tomatoes themselves are delicious as is, but add in  a palate of colors and interesting shapes and you’ve got a masterpiece!

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That’s all from this week’s visit to the Green  City Market. What special or introducing produce have you seen in your local farmers’ markets? Share any recipes you plan to use with this produce  in the comments below.

For more information on Green City Market, visit:

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  • Carolyn Jung

    Wow, that’s a rainbow of carrots. I love the white ones that are not easy to come by. They are sooooo sweet.

  • Kar

    Oh, how I love farmers’ markets! I signed up for a CSA for this first time this year, so the market is coming to me! :) Thanks for stopping by to say hi.

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