Hand-Picked Blueberry Recipes for Blueberry Fest


I tell you  – there is nothing more enticing than a big batch of blueberries. I mean, take the photo above for example. Tell me you don’t want to go find a pint of fresh blueberries and down them, or maybe make some Lemon-Blueberry Muffins. Well, when I went to South Haven, Michigan (the blueberry capital of the United States) back in June, I was hoping to do just that. Teased by an entire store dedicated to blueberries, I planned on buying some fresh blueberries straight from the source. But silly me, blueberry season is not until July or August. Hadn’t I heard of Blueberry Festival?!

No, I hadn’t. And when I found out it was happening on August 6-9th of this year, I regretted planning my South Haven, Michigan trip for June. But, for those of you who might be closer to the source of fresh blueberries galore, I do have some recipes for you. And maybe even for the rest of us – while we might not live in Michigan, we have access to some imported blueberries, they just might not be AS fresh :)

Here are some of my favorite hand-picked blueberry recipes from Recipe4Living.com:

Blueberry Smoothies
Blueberry Cream Pie
Blueberry Bread
Blueberry Muffins
Blueberry Bake
Blueberry Tart
Wild Blueberry Sauce
Tropical Blueberry Salad
Blueberry Cake with Lemon Glaze
Blueberry Pie with Marmalade

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out the rest of our blueberry recipes!

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  • Ann

    hummm i love berries in anything.

  • http://simplyscrumptiousfoodie.com Jessie

    I love blueberries! great list, I’m thinking about making blueberry cornmeal muffins sometime next week :)

  • http://www.theperfectashtray.com/ Ashtray

    I love blueberries as well! Used to have 3 bushes in my parents backyard and would always eat them fresh off the vine as a kid.

  • http://pragmaticattic.wordpress.com/ Laura

    How timely!
    I just went bluberry picking and used my bounty to make blueberry muffins, yeasted blueberry buns, and I am brewing blueberry liqueur. I posted about the muffins, but I will get around to the rest pretty soon.
    And I still have berries to bake with! Thanks for the recipe ideas.

  • http://www.mangotomato.blogspot.com Olga

    That photo is gorgeous!!!
    A few weeks ago I made blueberry and peach cake :)

  • http://cajunchefryan.rymocs.com/blog2/ Cajun Chef Ryan

    Love them for snacks, in cereal, muffins, pancakes, smoothies.

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