If You’re Happy And You Know It…


Wait a second, that cookie isn’t smiling! When I saw these frowning cookies at Elegance in Meats, I did a double take (who wouldn’t?) Usually we expect those big yellow cookies with chocolate eyes and a chocolate mouth to be smiling, but not this guy. He is frowning 100%, and he’s not ashamed of it either. So if you had the choice between a smile and a frown, which would you buy? See which is more popular after the jump!


Sold right next to the actual smiley cookies, these sad little guys sometimes outsell the happy ones at Elegance in Meats. In this picture, the smiles were going faster though.

It’s almost like an on going social experiment. Are you going to buy the cookie that reflects your mood? Which cookie would you choose?

Make your own sugar cookies and decorate them with your own emoticon face!

Here are some cookie recipes to start:
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  • http://justcallmemarta.blogspot.com Marta

    This is very interesting. I guess the frowning one are “funnier” because they are such a novelty. But I would ALWAYS pick the smiling cookie :)

  • peggy

    always a smile cookie. there are enough frowns on people’s faces. everyone needs a smile, even if it comes from a cookie!

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