July Monthly Mouthful

I-scream! You scream! We all scream for your ice cream. And seeing as how July is National Ice Cream Month here in America, we’ll be screaming for delicious cold ice cream treats all month long. With countless ways to enjoy ice cream from cones to cups or even cakes, and with infinite flavor choices like classic chocolate or nutty pistachio, we wanted to know how our fellow food bloggers were enjoying their ice cream.

So, we asked them:

July is National Ice Cream Month in America. What’s your favorite way to enjoy ice cream? Share your recipes for your best ice cream or ice cream treat!

And here is what they answered…

Melissa from Alosha’s Kitchen:

The only time I really feel that I like ice cream is when it’s paired with a fruit or berry dessert, particularly something crispy or crumbly. I’m not a fan of sweets in general and most store bought ice cream definitely doesn’t do it for me. Homemade, however, is wonderful, especially plain old vanilla.

I don’t have any ice cream recipes of my own, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who knows where to find them… David Lebovitz!

Susan from Food Blogga:

I concocted this ice cream sundae last fall during persimmon season. I was so smitten, that it has officially become my favorite ice cream dish. That is unless my dad makes homemade pizzelle cookies, in which case, my favorite is ice cream dish is ice cream pizzelle sandwiches. Enjoy!

Check out my recipe for Persimmon, Gingersnap and Caramel Sundaes here (make sure to scroll down!)

Jessie from Cakespy:

Since I was born and bred by the Jersey shore, to me, ice cream is best enjoyed in its quintessential New Jersey form: as a vanilla-chocolate softserve swirl in a wafer cone, devoured while walking along the boardwalk! While I can’t say I have ever made softserve myself, I can say that if you ever find yourself by the Jersey shore, this is one delicacy that cannot be missed! Sure, it exists elsewhere, but softserve isn’t the same anywhere else!

Tenina from Steamoven Cooking:

It appears you have tapped into my favorite food of all time and this recipe for my licorice ice cream is no exception! Enjoy!

Ruth from Once Upon A Feast:

In a waffle cone, walking around “sight-seeing” or people watching or taking in the rays along a beach. Oh…and inside the cone…hazelnut & Rocky Roche at Hollywood Gelato or Pistachio or Cherry Garcia or….you can see some of my ice cream adventures here and here.

Christie from Fig and Cherry:

I love ice cream eaten just on it’s own. My favourite flavours are hazelnut, pannacotta and Belgian chocolate. If I have to choose a recipe, it’s got to be my >Chocolate ANZAC ice cream sandwiches, everyone I serve loves them!

Karen from Rambling Spoon:

It might be National Ice Cream Month in America, but I confess my favorite ice cream involves a trip to Bangkok or Chiang Mai. I’m a sucker for iberry, quite possibly the world’s best ice cream. It’s super-creamy and vivacious with an unparalleled lineup of tropical flavors. Everything from fun to sophisticated: green tea, paradise tea, black sesame, red bean, spicy green mango, passionfruit, banana and cheese. Let’s just say I have a serious thing for iberry. I look forward to two big scoops (complementary flavors, side-by-side in a cup) all day long when I know I’ll be eating dinner in an iberry neighborhood. It’s the perfect Thai dessert.

Unfortunately, I’m not big on making my own ice cream but I do have plans for one recipe this summer. It belongs to the author of hsa*ba, an excellent resource on Burmese food. If her avocado ice cream tastes anything like the rich and flavorful avocados I ate in Yangon, I may have a new favorite.

Stef from Cupcake Project:

I recently got a mini waffle cone maker and I’m now addicted. Tiny waffle cones make for perfect portion control. I love having a little handheld ice cream snack! If I want something a bit more decadent, there is always the ice cream cupcake! Earlier this year, I made maple peach ice cream cupcakes that I loved!

As always, thanks to everyone who participated! If you were not contacted for this month’s Monthly Mouthful and would like to be included in future Monthly Mouthfuls, please e-mail us at chewonthatblog [at] gmail [dot] com.

Post your own favorite way to enjoy ice cream in the comments section below!

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  • http://aloshaskitchen.blogspot.com Melissa

    Thanks for doing the roundup Hillary! Always love these posts. :)

  • http://onceuponafeast.blogspot.com Ruth

    Great monthly mouthful…now I’m drooling and no ice cream for me for a while ;-( we just started South Beach Diet to counter our very food vacation in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario.

  • http://cravepublishing.com/steamovencooking Tenina

    Well girls, I will DEFINITELY be bookmarking this post….so may great options for dreamy, icy, creamy bliss…oh my aching hips!

  • http://www.figandcherry.com/recipes/salmon-wasabi-leaf-canapes-dipping-sauce-shima/ Christie @ Fig & Cherry

    Mmm, avocado icecream sounds great!

    Excellent question again this month Hillary :)

  • http://justcallmemarta.blogspot.com Marta

    A good pistachio gelato is unbeatable for me!! Great round-up!

  • http://blog.healthy-green-lifestyle.com Winnie

    I made a killer vegan ice cream (I’m not even vegan, but thought it was great)…was sort of surprised that it worked out given it has no dairy or eggs. Coconut milk was the key, and here’s the recipe.

  • Gloria

    According to my boss I make the best chocolate chip cookies she ever tasted. My favortie way to enjoy ice cream is scooped between two of my cookies to make an ice cream sandwich. I am an ice creamaholic and instead of having cake on my birthday I serve my ice cream sandwiches. No need for candles.

    I’ve never tried making my own ice cream, why when it so much easier to just buy some.

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