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If you’re looking for a fun night out with the girls that includes tasty drinks and tasty food, I recommend Coobah. Located in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, this Latin-inspired restaurant served up dishes to rave about while serenading us with live Bossa Nova. To find out what was so great about our meal (and to see recipes to mimic these dishes yourself at home!), read on…


To keep it plain and simple, this was the best sangria I have ever had. They use a special recipe from the Dominican Republic that somehow

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It’s caesar salad with a sweet twist! You can really taste the tinge of sugarcane used in this dressing. It’s not the most exciting dish I had there, but it was certainly a satisfying Caesar salad!

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A friend ordered this gazpacho. Layered with lots of spices, she couldn’t finish the soup herself but it definitely entertained the rest of us with a lot of flavor. I was a fan!

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This was probably the stand out dish of the evening: Crabcakes with fennel and avocado ice cream. Beautifull presented, though albeit small, this

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The beef skewers might not look that exciting but these were some of the most tender flavorful beef skewers I have ever tasted. And I was accompanied by a beef skewer connoisseur who felt the same way. Even the rice and sauce they served with something to rave about!

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I’ll admit, I actually didn’t try these vegetable dumplings. These were ordered by a friend but they were so beautifully plated, I just had to share. She enjoyed them so I’m sure I would have to! They have roasted mushrooms and ginger and they’re laying atop a chilled quinoa salad.

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My friend Rachel was adventurous and ordered the Zarzuela. The menu describes it as a “Rustic Catalonian seafood dish with shrimp, mussels and scallops cooked in a saffron, white wine and roasted tomato broth served with grilled baguette”. It was to die for! My friend scarfed it up and my one quick taste was enough to win me over.

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For a mere $3, this bean and cheese tamale side dish item is quite filling and satisfying!

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Another side dish: the caramelized plantains. Sweet, tangy and amazing, these were also one of the highlights.

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3423 Southport Ave.
Chicago, IL
(773) 528-2220

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  • jDebs

    Those beef skewers do look tasty! I will have to keep an open mind to Latin restaurants from now on!

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