Poll: Food Vocab or Food In The News?

Ordinarily on  Fridays I post a roundup of Food In The News from sources like New York Times, Washington post, food blogs, you name it. But lately I’ve been thinking of switching over to a new series on Fridays called “Food Vocab” that will teach us new words in the foodie language each week. I took a quick poll on Twitter and received many votes in favor of Food Vocab but I want to get your opinions too! After all, you are the readers. Which would you rather have on Fridays:

Food In The News or Food Vocab?

Type your preference in the comments below! The concept with the most votes will premiere or resume next Friday.

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  • Josh

    Food Vocab

  • http://foodalogue.com Joan Nova

    oh, I’m greedy. How about alternating Fridays and do both?

  • http://natalieskillercuisine.blogspot.com Natalie

    I just found your blog today, but I think food vocab sounds great. There are so many times I want to write ‘temper eggs’ on a recipe but I know so many people won’t know what that means.

  • Shirley

    I agree with Joan do one and alternate that way we get a variety

  • http://www.cheapeats.ie jean

    Food in the news!

  • http://www.savory.tv Heidi / Savory Tv

    Food vocab!

  • http://aloshaskitchen.blogspot.com Melissa

    Yes, alternate!

  • Brenda

    alternation would be absolutely great

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