Food In The News: Blueberry Boom, Dark Meat, and Cooking Advice

California’s booming blueberry business – An unlikely producer of blueberries is in the ranks to becoming a top U.S. blueberry producer. Decades ago, blueberries could only grow in Northern climates but scientific advances in California have allowed for crop growth in the Southern state.

A dark comeback – Due to the economic state, dark chicken meat is making a comeback in popularity because it’s less expensive than white meat.

“Reducing your kitchen ‘cookprint’ – The Baltimore Sun delves into studying how we can all be more eco-friendly in the kitchen.

Do the ‘can-can’ – Canning as a method of preserving food is making a comeback in kitchens throughout the world.

Cooking advice from the pros – The National Restaurant Association held their annual show last week at McCormick Place in Chicago. Local famous chefs doled out tips and tricks of the trade to attendees.

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