Let The Farmer’s Markets Begin!

With the beginning of May comes the beginning of Farmer’s Market Season! Here in Chicago, all sorts of fresh farm product-toting markets are opening up their tents for the warm weather months! That means: better, fresh local produce! Who’s excited? I know I am. With all sorts of fresh local produce, meat, and even homemade crepes, I plan on Chicago’s Green City market and other farmer’s markets in the city all summer long.

Farmer’s Market Reviews on Chew on That:
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Seattle Pike Place Market
Chicago’s Green City Market

Did you know there is a restaurant called The Farmer’s Market Restaurant? We even have some of their recipes:
Farmer’s Market Carrot Cake
Farmer’s Market Vegetable Chowder
Farmer’s Market Veggie Wrapwich

Some Recipe Ideas For Your Farmer’s Market Produce:
111 Springtime Recipes
Summer Fruit Recipes
Freshen Up Your Menu with Spring Produce

For a super helpful list of Chicago farmer’s markets and their hours, click here.

  • http://www.FoodMayhem.com Jessica@FoodMayhem

    Wow, we don’t have homemade crepes in our farmer’s market, but I wish we did.

  • http://www.recipe-ideas.com Recipe Collector

    I love farmers markets.

    I am based in the UK and we have one close to where I live. I lover the way I get to talk to the guy who grew the stuff – often they are as fanatical about the quality of their produce as I am.

    Can’t beat cooking veg that was still in the ground 12 hours ago :)

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