3 Mother’s Day Recipe Collections That Will Make Mom Say “Mmm!”

It’s times like these I wish my mother didn’t read my blog. Maybe I can tell her to skip today’s post because I’m about to share with you some delicious tips for a special Mother’s Day and I don’t want her to know where they came from! :) Ah well, it’s inevitable. But as for the rest of you, there’s nothing like cooking for your mom on Mother’s Day. Sure you can get a fancy reservation at the nicest brunch place in town but what’s more impressive – that or a thoughtful and homemade meal? I say the latter and luckily Recipe4Living has plenty of menu ideas!

Mother’s Day recipes after the jump!

Impress Mom With A Homemade Mother’s Day Brunch – No need for long lines or reservations when you can make mom a beautiful Mother’s Day brunch at home! 

Cook Your Mom A Mother’s Day Meal – If there is anyone that deserves a home cooked meal as a sign of thanks, it’s mom. Ever since day one, your mother has played a key role in your life, and now it’s time to repay the favor! Invite grandmothers, mother-in-laws and aunts who are mothers too! Mother’s day is about celebrating and honoring family.

Treat Mom Like A Queen This Mother’s Day – Treat your mom like a queen this year for Mother’s Day by giving her the royal treatment she deserves. Start planning ahead of time so when the day comes, everything will not only be perfect for her but will be perfectly set in motion for you.

Also, considering making mom a homemade gift this year!

Make Mother’s Day Special With Homemade GiftsWhat started out as a modest way to thank our mothers has turned into a billion dollar industry that includes cards, gifts, flowers and brunch. But in today’s economy, purchasing a gift might seem like an extravagance that you can’t justify. From soap to potpourri, we have hundreds of beauty recipes that make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers!

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