Food In The News: Creole Mint Juleps, Seafood Sausage and The Pork Scare

The Creole Mint Julep -  A New Orleans’ bartender comes up with his own version of the Mint Julep, Creole style! (For the Kentucky Derby Mint Julep recipe, click here).

Thinking outside the ‘casing’ - The Culinary Institute of America tries to think outside the box and make sausage out of seafood.

Replacing pasta with seaweed? - Kelp (seaweed) noodles have surfaced as the newest pasta alternative. And speaking of gluten-free…

Gluten-Free Menus - Victims of celiac disease have found they can eat out more often as restaurants are now serving gluten-free options.

Keeping pork on the menusWe told you so! You cannot catch swine flu from eating pork products.

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