May 29, 2009

Food In The News: Blueberry Boom, Dark Meat, and Cooking Advice

California’s booming blueberry business – An unlikely producer of blueberries is in the ranks to becoming a top U.S. blueberry producer. Decades ago, blueberries could only grow in Northern climates but scientific advances in California have allowed for crop growth in the Southern state.

A dark comeback – Due to the economic state, dark chicken meat is making a comeback in popularity because it’s less expensive than white meat.

“Reducing your kitchen ‘cookprint’ – The Baltimore Sun delves into studying how we can all be more eco-friendly in the kitchen.

Do the ‘can-can’ – Canning as a method of preserving food is making a comeback in kitchens throughout the world.

Cooking advice from the pros – The National Restaurant Association held their annual show last week at McCormick Place in Chicago. Local famous chefs doled out tips and tricks of the trade to attendees.

May 28, 2009

The Best Pancake Recipe Ever


I used to think these raspberry banana pancakes were good but friends, I’ve found a pancake recipe that’s even better. Actually I shouldn’t take credit, my sister in law was the recipe finder and she made chocolate chip strawberry pancakes for dinner one of the nights while I was visiting. One bite of the perfectly cakey pancakes (pan cakes are supposed to be cakey not floppy!) and I immediately erased all other pancake recipes from my memory.

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Step by Step: Steel Cut Oatmeal


Let’s start with breakfast. You have probably  seen steel cut oats here and there, maybe you’ve  read about them on your favorite food site or seen them on a shelf in your local grocery store. Whatever the case, this steel cut oat health trend is the real deal. Steel cut oatmeal makes a healthy and hearty breakfast, touting more nutrition and taste than your average packet of  instant oatmeal. And even though they take much longer to make, the resulting bowl of creamy hearty oatmeal is worth every minute.

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May 27, 2009

Back From Seattle

I’m sorry I haven’t updated much this week. The truth is I was in Seattle from last Wednesday until last  night visiting family. Now that I’m back I have LOTS to share thanks to my brother and sister in law’s mutual love of cooking. While past trips to Seattle brought about blog posts of places around the city, this quality bonding trip inspired a lot of homemade cooking. From a brand new scrumptious vanilla cake recipe to homemade challah, make sure to tune in for all things homemade and delicious (and a lesson in Jewish cuisine while we’re at it!)

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