The Cyclical Chocolate Conundrum


Is the economy affecting the kind of chocolate you’re eating? The Chicago Tribune wrote an article about how the rise in dark chocolate prices is encouraging chocolate lovers to get their fix elsewhere. Dark chocolate sales have increased in recent years causing a higher demand for cocoa beans and therefore an increase in prices. However, with the current recession, less and less of us can afford the high prices of dark chocolate and more of us are reaching for the more affordable milk chocolate bars.

It’s quite the conundrum – the more popular dark chocolate becomes, the less attainable it becomes to consumers, therefore having an adverse effect. Personally, I have always liked dark chocolate more than milk chocolate so my preferences aren’t exactly being affected by the economy. But, I’m also not the best measure as I don’t know how often I buy plain chocolate bars.

But I can tell you that I just love any dessert that incorporates dark chocolate. Dark chocolate, richer in cocoa bean content, provides such a deep flavor that no milk chocolate can compare to. Here are some dark chocolate recipes for those of us still purchasing dark chocolate:

Dark Chocolate Recipes:
Devil Dump Cake (Dark Chocolate Cake)
Banana Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Chunks
Dark Chocolate Walnut Bark

But there are those who just crave the subtle maybe sweeter taste of  milk chocolate and I certainly don’t blame them. Here are some milk chocolate recipes to get your fix:

Milk Chocolate Recipes:
Mmm…Milk Chocolate Brownies
Milk Chocolate Pudding
Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate Chip Blondies

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  • Jessie

    I love both! chocolate is one of my favorite sweets out there

  • Sara

    I normally only buy chocolate for baking purposes, which can be an expensive habit all around. However, I don’t really like to use milk chocolate too often in baking. I justify the price of the dark chocolate because if I am spending money on the eggs, cream, and butter, I may as well use the good chocolate so I know whatever I am making will turn out as good as possible.

  • Christie @ Fig & Cherry

    I’m definitely a dark choc girl ;)

  • The Hungry Mouse

    Dark chocolate, please!


  • JDebs

    I’ve even switched over to dark chocolate m&ms! Yum!

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