Meat Madness Final Four Preview


March Madness might be over but we’re just getting into the final games of Meat Madness. So Good Blog began a tournament to determine which meat reigns supreme and we’ve narrowed it down to one meat from each of the original categories of meat/beef, poultry, fish/seafood and pork products. Check out So Good to see which meat wins the tournament! I’ll tell you my picks after the jump.

As you can see above, the final four meats are: steak, chicken, bacon and crab. To me, the only real surprise is crab. Sure, the stuff is good – but no lobster? No mussels? No shrimp? Despite my love for mussels, I really thought shrimp was going to take the seafood region but oh well. On to the games…

Chicken v. Bacon

Voting: Noon EST ON 4/14/09 to Noon EST 4/16/09. Visit So Good Blog to vote!

The Matchup

This one might be tough for some people but I’m definitely voting for chicken. Sure, I happen to not eat bacon but all restrictions aside, I think chicken is healthier, extremely versatile and more commonly consumed.

I know bacon has a lot of uses (add it to side dishes, fry it on its own, put it in pizza, etc.) but it just doesn’t provide the protein a real meat should.  That’s where chicken comes in.

My Pick To Win: Chicken

Steak v. Crab

Voting: Noon EST ON 4/16/09 to Noon EST 4/18/09. Visit So Good Blog to vote!

The Matchup

This one doesn’t seem like much of a contest to me. Crab can taste great but I think steak is savored more across the world. There are so many different cuts of steak: the ever sophisticated filet mignon to a nice piece of rib eye. You can chop it up and add it to stir fry or eat it whole. And after all, it is the meat contest!

Crab can make crabcakes or be used in seafood stews but the succulent flakes are no match for the steaks of our time.

My Pick To Win: Steak

Who’s Going To Win It All?

I’m voting for steak to take the meat madness tournament. It was my bet from the beginning and now that we’re in the final four, it’s my bet until the end! Who doesn’t love a good piece of meat? (Vegetarians notwithstanding).

Don’t forget the games have begun! Vote for your pick between Chicken and Bacon from now until noon on Thursday 4/16/09. The battle between Crab and Steak will start on Thursday.

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  • LK- Healthy Delcious

    I bet bacon wins it all. I know people who keep kosher but make exceptions for bacon because its just that good.

  • Ben

    I am surprise to see that bacon is winning! I love bacon, but as you pointed out, it is not as versatile or provides as much protein as real meat. But I am biased because chicken is and will always be my favorite meat. :)

    That’s a very interesting tournament. Too bad I didn’t hear about it earlier :(

  • Dragon

    I’m going with your picks on this one. :)

  • Passionate Eater

    What a fun competition! I just voted and it looks like bacon is winning.

  • Fat Belly Billy


    I’m going for chicken and steak. Yes, bacon is great, but it’s not so versatile.

    Bacon Tikka Masala? Kentucky Fried Bacon? Sweet & Sour Bacon? Bacon in a Basket?

    I don’t think so!

    As for crab – sorry, but I just don’t really get what’s great about crab. Call me old fashioned…

    Best wishes

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