Trader Joe’s Apple Cranberry Chutney


The picture doesn’t do it justice, but what you see above is possibly the simplest, tastiest, most addictive appetizer I have ever had. It’s simple because all it takes is pouring a jar of Trader Joe’s apple cranberry chutney over a log of goat cheese and serving it with crackers. It’s tasty because the chutney is made from all sorts of delicious spices I can’t stop thinking about. And it’s addictive because, well..I just can’t have enough.

I can promise you I was not paid or asked to do a review of this chutney (though you’d think so after all the posts we’ve written on Trader Joe’s products). I plain and simply just like it. It adds instant flavor to appetizers, main courses, even desserts! Not to mention, it’s unlike any chutney I have tasted. I’m not necessarily a chutney guru but I do have basis for comparison and this is by far my favorite.

My friend Beth had a couple friends over to watch The Academy Awards and enjoy some appetizers. She served this goat cheese and cranberry chutney appetizer recommended by Trader Joe’s and I was hooked the minute I tried it. The two of us could not stop raving about the chutney. At this point, I didn’t even care who won for Best Movie, I just wanted more of this cranberry chutney!

But not only does Trader Joe’s make the wonderful chutney, they also came up with the idea of pouring it over goat cheese for an appetizer. The best part is you can serve it for just about anything. Having a few friends over? Serve this dip. Having an Easter Dinner? Start with this glorious flavor combination. It’s incredibly versatile but it will also go incredibly fast (at least if Beth and I are around). Enjoy!

Goat Cheese and Cranberry Chutney

This delicious cranberry goat cheese appetizer could not be easier or more delicious! Serve at a holiday gathering or at home for something tasty!


1 log goat cheese
1 jar apple  cranberry chutney (from Trader Joe’s or make your own)
crackers, for serving


Place goat cheese log in a serving bowl. Pour jar of cranberry chutney over the top. Serve with crackers and a knife for spreading.

To find a Trader Joe’s near you, click here. I’m told the chutney also comes in other flavors but I like to stick to what I know I like :)

Make Your Own Chutney:
Cranberry Chutney
Banana Chutney
Cranberry Pear Chutney
Apple Chile Chutney
Raspberry Pecan Chutney

Recipes That Use Chutney:
Chutney Spareribs
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Mango Chutney Chicken Salad Wrap
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  • Andre

    You should try it with jalapeno jelly! It is delicious. Has the perfect kick, taste great even on creme cheese.

  • Kelsey Ramos

    I am really glad you posted about this – I grew up eating this at dinner parties my mom hosted! She used fat free cream cheese, but goat cheese is a tasty substitute.

  • Christie @ Fig & Cherry

    Clever! I do something similar with cream cheese and sweet chilli sauce.

  • Lindsey (Cafe Johnsonia)

    Oh…goat cheese. I have two logs in my cheese drawer right now.

  • Brittany (He Cooks She Cooks)

    Trader Joe’s can do no wrong in my eyes…

  • megan

    Were getting a TJ in May and I couldn’t be more excited. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll for sure be picking up some of that chutney. How would it be baked over chicken I wonder.
    I’ll go check out your other recommendations. Better start my shopping list! ;)

  • Teresa

    I used it to make chicken salad for my graduation open house. Delicious!

  • Teresa

    They also have a Mango Ginger Chutney that works well also.

  • Tobi Chile

    Wow, looks absolutely delicious. I can imagine bringing together sweet and bitter. A bitter-sweet tase is usually very interesting. I live in Thailand and they have lots of stuff like that!
    Thanks for the recipie!

  • Aubrey

    This chutney sounds Delish! I am trying to create a bute size appitizer version of having melted brie cheese with red grapes. I decided to do a puff pastry style in small bites filled with brie and i was going to do red grapes in each one as well, but thought that the grapes might shrivel up in the heat and be gross so i think i might try this chutney instead. I am also going to add some crispy bacon and a little rosemary perhaps, im not sure yet but thats what im leaning towards. Im going for a sweet n savory taste.

  • Susan Sadlier

    Where can I buy Trader Joe’s Cranberry Chutney? They do not stock it at the Trader Joe’s in Arlington Heights, IL which is the closest Trader Joe’s to me. I live in Rolling NMeadows, IL 60008.

    Cn I purchase it on-line from Trader Joe’s?

    Thank you. I await your reply.

  • Jeni

    Boo hoo… I was at TJs today looking for the chutney and they told me they discontinued it! SNEER

  • Teresa

    My Trader Joes (Kettering, Ohio)still carries it. The mango ginger was on the shelf and apple cranberry they told me is seasonal in the fall. Hope that the person you talked to was mistaken! I would call or ask again.

  • Pam Souza

    I was in Trader Joe’s in Charlotte, NC this weekend and they told me that the Cranberry Chutney was discontinued several months ago. I LOVED it and just used the last of what I had on hand. I am now going to attempt to make my own. Does anyone have a jar kicking around that has the ingredients listed on it? :-)

  • Teresa

    I still had a jar on the shelf. Here it is:
    Trader Joe’s Apple Cranberry Chutney Ingredient List:
    Cranberries, Sugar, Apples, Water, Cider Vinegar, Apple Juice Concentrate, Tapioca Starch, Spice, Xantham Gum

  • Johnnie

    I loved that TJ’s cranberry chutney. It was to die for!!! I was in at TJ’s a few days ago and I was also told they had discontinued it. SO SAD!!! There arew lot of recipes and this is the one I found 1 bag of cranberries (fresh), 1 1/4 c sugar, 3/4 c Apple juice Concentrate, 1 large cooking apple, chopped, 2 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp ginger, 1/4 tsp cloves. Good Luck and Happy Cooking.

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