March Madness Party Recipes!

Well, the games have officially begun (and this time I’m not talking about Meat Madness). Sadly things have not gone very well for my alma mater. But, at the end of today, 32 of your favorite schools will still have a chance at the NCAA championship. That means: you need to be prepared for a party! You never know how far your team will go so don’t go home unequipped with recipes and ingredients for a March Madness slam dunk and check out these March Madness Recipes and Tips!

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  • Erin

    I pretty much deal with sports just so I can be social with other people and host parties. My team (Missouri)is doing well so far… if they get much further I’ll have to use some of these recipes when I have a watch party :)

  • Passionate Eater

    Super Bowl is big time for our household, but March Madness is not, but I think after your tips, we may have to incorporate some March Madness parties into our home life!

  • Addie

    So if you really want to party, come to Boston. This is where the games are being played at the Garden.

    PARTY!!! PARTY!!! PARTY!!!

    We know how to PARTY!!!

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