Meat Madness!


Have you filled out your bracket yet? In the wake of the upcoming season of March Madness, Jon of So Good blog has created his own foodie version called Meat Madness! As the top ranked teams in the NCAA compete for the championship, us foodies will be heading over to So Good to vote for our favorite meats and proteins! I am completely in love with this idea and can’t wait for the voting to begin! I say we start a pool with our meat brackets, which meat do YOU want to win the title?

The bracket is divided into four regions: red meat, poultry, pork and seafood. Personally, I’m very conflicted between some of the first round matchups. Do I really have to knock out either mussels or scallops in the first round? That’s too tough. Or what about lamb and corned beef? I love them both! See all the first round choices in a larger version of the bracket here.

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